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A Techie Trek: Probir’s Quest for Technology

Author: Probir Sarkar


  • Probir shares his transcending journey in the field of technology and his recurring desire to outshine himself. 
  • Being persistent with your life goals helps you flourish both as an individual and as a professional.
  • Even after going through an educational crisis, Probir’s strength and determination remained boundless.
  • No matter the setbacks, one must keep moving forward.
  • Exploring MERN stack and the expansive universe of web development. 

How It Started and Where It’s Going

Hailing from the city of Rajasthan, India, I belong to an academically driven household. My father worked as a village doctor and being raised up in that atmosphere, I was naturally aligned to Maths and Science. However, due to deteriorating health, I was unable to finish my 12th grade which scared me and hampered my journey to achieve my dream.

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. -Leonard Cohen

When I was a child, I was deeply fascinated by Holograms in movies. Even though we don’t have them now, it intrigued me to research about AR/ VR extensively. I believe that the scope for Augmented Reality is expanding with recurring major advancements in technology. 

I always had an inclination towards tech, so I decided to pursue a diploma course in Computer Science and began my journey as a web developer. Soon, I felt the need to upskill myself. I continued studying the MERN stack and also completed my undergraduate degree of Bachelor of Technology.  

A Distant Looking Dream

I’ve always been strongly passionate about computers, but as Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, ‘A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor’—a new challenge was waiting ahead for me. During the second year of my diploma, I was introduced to the C/C++ programming language which became a great challenge for me. I couldn’t wrap my head around it and found myself clueless about its usage. I began fearing my goals and they seemed far from being achievable. 

Fortunately, my college offered web development training, and that’s when I discovered my true passion and long-term goal—full-stack development. However, learning that wasn’t a smooth ride either. After three months of learning, I called my father and told him that I should probably quit because I was struggling to write basic logic in React.js. 

But as they say, learning must never stop, so I continued to trust the process. I kept learning, watching tutorials, and going through documentation, even though I didn’t fully understand all of it. I spent three to four months doing this and suddenly realized that I could learn React.js very clearly. I even managed to build a tic-tac-toe game using React.js!

Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

New Beginnings, Fresh Perspectives

I’ve always felt that no matter how hard it is to focus on your growth, we must continue to find ways to upskill and refine ourselves. After gaining some experience in the corporate world, I decided to take a break and focus on enhancing my knowledge. It was during this time that I discovered Girl Power Talk. 

Joining Girl Power Talk has truly been such a rewarding experience. It acted as a perfect next step in my career trajectory. It is my first full-time office job, and I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of such a unique, driven, and motivated team. 

I find working here equivalent to spending productive time with friends. Discussing innovative ideas, and taking the initiative to bring those ideas to life, this is what Girl Power Talk is all about. Here, I’m not just an employee; I’m a part of a movement.

I’ve come to realize that sometimes pursuing your passion takes time, and even when you face difficulties, you need to continue investing a lot of effort and commitment. When you find yourself at a point where you feel you can’t continue, that’s actually the starting point of your learning curve, and you must be persistent in putting in the effort to grow from the challenges.

Embracing Every Opportunity

During my initial days at Girl Power Talk, I was given an exciting project. But, then I did something clumsy. Unfortunately, due to an unintentional glitch on my end, I accidentally added some data to the database, which caused certain parts of a live project to break. 

I remember getting chills down my spine. I was worried that I would get reprimanded badly for my blunder or if I would ever be taken seriously for my work, especially because I didn’t have access to the source code of the project. To my surprise, none of that happened. 

Sudhanshu Batra, the COO at Girl Power Talk, calmed me down and showed extreme faith in my potential. He provided me with the opportunity to discuss the issue with our Cloud Engineer and eventually we were able to solve the problem together. This experience boosted my confidence immensely. 

Web Development Through Self Development

One of my biggest achievements in life has been combatting depression and pursuing my passion for programming. I believe that acquiring new skills is beneficial for a content professional life. Owing to my passion for everything tech, my focus has been on unmasking the various aspects of web development. 

To some extent, I feel that the credit for this goes to the supportive environment that I am working in. Apart from all the technical triumphs, a realm where I see myself improving is soft skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership. Within months of joining the company, I was entrusted with leadership roles, which definitely felt fresh and new.

Girl Power Talk, with its presence in 28+ countries, has been a perfect platform for me to become a global leader. With a diverse team and a group of supportive mentors, I have seen a big upward trend in the way I perceive collaboration and communication. 

Image Credits: Girl Power Talk


The story doesn’t stop at personal growth alone, joining Girl Power Talk opened doors to new beginnings and fresh perspectives for me. It isn’t just another office job; it is an opportunity to be part of a passionate and innovative team to shine my way through.

Probir Sarkar

Probir is tech-savvy and passionate about learning the various aspects of web development. His philosophy of continuous self-improvement is his guiding principle.


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