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Simran Singh

Content Writer, Girl Power Talk Simran is a staunch intersectional feminist and an advocate of gender equity. She loves going back in time through books, finds solace in the written word, and cherishes genuine relationships.

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Am I a Bad Feminist?

What is Feminism? 7  Things Feminists Should Not Be Guilty About Overview: Feminism is not a set category with a checklist to tick off to determine whether one is a good or a bad feminist. Being vulnerable is not a question of one’s feminism. Letting men pick up loads does not mean women are weak. Femininity and feminism are not antonyms. Having Religious Faith and Celebrating Culture is not against the ideals of feminism. Feminism is about respecting the choices …

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Should I Come Out?

Do You Need to Come Out? Advantages and Disadvantages of Coming Out Am I Happy to Have Come Out? Overview: Coming out or not is a decision every LGBTQIA+ person needs to make at some point. There are good reasons to decide to come out, but also to decide not to. There are both advantages and disadvantages if you decide to come out. Coming out is an empowering process, but it should always be a personal choice. As a teenager, …

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Sustainable Fashion vs Fast Fashion

The Horror of Fast Fashion Sustainability—Not Just Fashion, It’s a Lifestyle Overview In the current era of following trends, fast fashion has become the norm.  However, fast fashion results in overproduction and a massive waste of cloth and labor, causing harm to the environment.  A better alternative is sustainable fashion, such as using handmade garments, thrifting, donating and trading. In the lightning-speed internet era, we are exposed to the world and the idea of authenticity. With this in mind, we …

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5 Stereotypes Every Small-Town Girl Can Relate to-Girl Power Talk

5 Stereotypes Every Small-Town Girl Can Relate To

Do You Speak English? Are You Allowed To Wear That? Are You Allowed To Do That? So, When Are You Getting Married? She Clearly Slept Her Way to the Top Overview Class, Caste, Religion, Sex, and Gender: All have been used as the basis of discrimination. And now, adding to the list is our geographical profile. Small-town girls face a number of stereotypes, unsolicited comments, and frankly ignorant questions. Here is a list of the few most cliched stereotypes: Not …

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Pop Culture Moments That Served Women Are Invincible

Taylor Swift Reclaiming Her Life’s Work Because It’s Cheaper Shonda Rhimes. That’s It. Fearless Inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary Female Rappers Breaking Through the Male Swag Most Mindful Make-Up Line Overview Women continue to struggle to find accurate representation and equality in the media industry. Rap, being considered a masculine genre, has degraded women into sexual objects. The efforts of female rappers to liberate women and collaboratively work to uplift and promote their talents exhibit our capability to flourish in male-dominated …

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Women Smashing Societal Stigma: The Story of Sindhu and the Power of Words

Sindhu’s Writing Journey Taking the Next Step Smashing the Industrial Patriarchy Women’s Issue to Focus On Overview Writing is a craft that needs practice. Change makes us stronger, more resilient and pushes one to think more, live more, and be more. Women’s issues are truly subjective and unique. Writing can be a weapon to influence and impact. What Was the Start of Your Journey as a Writer Like? What Kind of Subjects and Pieces Did You Write Initially? Before I was …

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The Gender Bias Tendencies of Educational Institutions

The Skewed Part A World Tour of Gender Biased Experiences Taking a Stand The Skewed Part These are one of the many classic examples of minor gender bias in our educational institutions. Even with lifting chairs, our teachers unconsciously assume that it's too laborious for girls to do it. That they would need someone strong, like a boy, instead of girls.  Gender bias is the acts of preferring one gender over the other. They are usually rooted in stereotypes such …

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I’m Twenty, I’m Single, That’s Okay

No Boyfriend Since Birth Reality Check I Am Enough for Myself I was fooled into thinking that I was a loser because I was never in a relationship while in high school. Of course, no one was force-feeding me these thoughts. It’s really no one’s fault but my own. My favorite film of all time is ten things I hate about you. It’s about a high school nerd who, in order to date the girl of his dreams, pays the …

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Small Town Girls Upskilling at Girl Power Talk

Small Town Girls Upskilling at Girl Power Talk: A Case Study

Opening a Window to a Better World The Changing Face of India Women Uprising Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow, explore their interests, and become the person they want to be. Everyone deserves to have access to education and skill development in order to be independent. Perhaps no organization in India is more dedicated towards providing such opportunities than Girl Power Talk. It is a purpose driven organization that believes in the power of social impact and aims to change …

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