Art is an important part of self-expression. It can be a way of expressing an emotions, dreams, ideas or love as we see it. Traditional art has evolved from the initial engravings and cave paintings, just like everything else, to digital – leading to the inception of an entirely new field of graphic design.

From the advertisements we see to the cars we buy, design influences a lot of our decisions. Subsequently, UI/UX continues to have immense potential as a budding career for the next generation of creative and innovative leaders.

Girl Power Talk’s Online Design Bootcamp is an interactive, free of cost, virtual workshop specially curated for young girls to discover untapped potential and develop a new skill set. We are firm believers in Henry Ford’s wisdom: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” We will be delighted to have you join us for this interactive program created to support the development of young professionals and students.

The workshop will take place over two days, each day dedicated to a different software.

Below is the schedule of the workshop:

Day 1: 20 August 2021, Friday

Learning Canva

From branding to the basics of Canva, learn everything you need about creative designing from our talented design team at Girl Power Talk.

Learning Outcome:

– Get introduced to Canva – an essential application for any aspiring designer.
– Master the concept of branding and how to get it right with the perfect branding kit.
– Learn how to create designs and logos for Instagram.
– Become adept in the formation of interactive illustrations.
– Have a newfound awareness of all possible careers in the field of designing.

Day 2: 22 August 2021, Sunday

Learning Figma

Continuing with the enthusiasm and momentum from the previous day, it is time to dive into the world of UI/UX designing. We also seek to impart understanding of the wonderful software Figma. The best part? No prior knowledge of the software is required!

Learning Outcome:

– Understand the growing importance of UI/UX Designing in the contemporary world.
– An introduction to the world of Figma from scratch.
– Receive a detailed tutorial on how to use the various tools in Figma.

Following the event, we will also be announcing some super cool contests through which you have a chance to win cash prizes, apparel, internship opportunities and much more. Stay connected with us on @girlpowertalk for event updates.

Registration Details

Venue : Online
Date : August 20, 2021
Timings : 5:00 PM IST 
Fee : Free