Terms and Conditions of Employment 

Last updated: March 19, 2020

1. Your Employment Contract

  • You voluntarily agree to provide services to the Organisation as its employee in accordance with the Employment Contract and the Organisation Policy. Your employment with the Organisation is “at will”; either you or the Organisation may terminate it in accordance with this Employment Contract or
  • Your employment commences on the Employment Start Date set out in Schedule
  • Your designation, position/career level, business and location at the Employment Start Date are stated in Schedule The Organisation may change any of these from time to time by a written notice to you. If you do not report for work on the Employment Start Date, this Employment Contract will stand automatically withdrawn and cancelled, unless the Organisation expressly agrees otherwise in writing.

2. Employment Conditions

  • Medical Fitness
  • Your employment with the Organisation is at all times conditional upon your being medically fit to perform the services for the
  • You agree to notify the Organisation in writing promptly if there is any change in your health condition that renders you medically not fit to perform your work for the
  • The Organisation may at any time require you to undergo medical examination(s) by a medical practitioner of the Organisation’s You consent to the Organisation maintaining copies of the documents, reports and medical examination results and use them as necessary in relation to your employment with the Organisation. You acknowledge these records may continue to be maintained by the Organisation even after your employment ceases.
  • Background Verification
  • The Organisation has agreed to enter into this Employment Contract on the basis of the information provided by You affirm that each item of information provided by you: (i) for the purpose of seeking employment with the Organisation; or (ii) in the course of your employment with the Organisation; is substantially true, accurate and not misleading. The information referred to in this paragraph 2.2(a) is called Employee Information. You will without undue delay notify the Organisation in writing of any changes to the Employee Information.
  • While the Organisation may rely on your affirmation as to the veracity of the Employee Information, the Organisation reserves the right to have your Employee Information (including background) For this purpose, you give your consent to the Organisation conducting verification checks whether by itself or through service providers and for sharing the Employee Information with the persons involved in conducting the verification checks.
  • Compliance with Professional Standards and Law Where your services comprise or include any professional services to which any regulatory or professional standards apply, you shall in the performance of your services under this Employment Contract, comply with all such standards. You will perform your services at all times in compliance with Law. Further, where you have been employed on the basis of your professional qualification and/or membership, your employment with the Organisation continues to be subject to your maintaining the necessary professional qualification and/or membership.

3. Probation (where applicable)

Under the current Organisation Policy, those joining the Organisation at the level of “Manager” or below will be on probation for a period of: (i) 3 months for Manager or Deputy Manager, (ii) 6 months for Assistant Manager or below, from the Employment Start Date. During the probation period, either you or the Organization may terminate your employment at any time for no cause by giving the other a prior written notice of 1 month. If the Organisation finds your work satisfactory during the probation period, the Organisation will notify you in writing confirming your employment. While you will be on probation basis your level, from the Employment Start Date, unless communicated otherwise by the Organisation, you will be considered as confirmed from the next day of the respective probation end date. Standard probation extension will be for a period of 2 months. If the Organization does not issue a letter confirming your employment post 2 months’ probation extension period, your employment shall stand terminated at the end of the further 2 months period.

4. Organisation’s Assets and Facilities 

  • For performing your duties under this Employment Contract, the Organisation may during the term of your employment:
  • Provide you with, make available or give access to, property (including, without limitation, equipment, devices, vehicles, identity cards, access cards, access to software licences, information, subscriptions to services (including those of telephone and data)) whether or not owned by the Organisation or third parties it deals with (together, Organisation Assets); and
  • Extend to you facilities including, without limitation, office space, desk space, memberships, subscriptions, guest houses, whether or not owned by the Organisation or third parties it deals with (together, Facilities).
  • You may use each such Organisation Assets or Facilities only as necessary for you to perform work for the Organisation, unless in specific instances the Organisation expressly agrees otherwise in writing with You will comply with Organisation instructions with regard to use of them.
  • You shall make good any damage to the Organisation Assets or Facilities or loss to the Organisation caused by you or due to your failure to take reasonable care of any of In addition to any other rights the Organisation may have, you authorize the Organisation to deduct from your Remuneration the costs of repairing, restoring or replacing the Organisation Assets and/or Facilities or the loss incurred by the Organisation due to such damage or wrongful use.
  • The Organisation may at any time ask you to stop using the Organisation Assets and/or Facilities and/or hand over control of any of them to the Organisation. You shall promptly comply with such instructions of the Organisation.

5. Term and Termination, Retirement

  • Your employment will continue to be in force until the earlier of: (a) your reaching your age of retirement or, if applicable, superannuation – in each case in accordance with Organisation Policy; (b) termination of this Employment Contract in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph
  • The Organisation may terminate your employment:
  • Forthwith, if at any time the Organisation becomes aware that any of your Employee Information is materially false or inaccurate or is In such a case, the Organisation may at its sole discretion: (i) consider your employment void right from the beginning (in which case you shall return promptly on the Organisation’s demand all Remuneration paid by the Organisation to you); (ii) terminate your employment; and/or (iii) take such other lawful action as it may consider necessary.
  • for no cause by giving you a prior written notice of at least 2 months or paying you proportionate Remuneration for any shortfall in such notice
  • forthwith if you: (i) breach Law and/or Organisation Policy; (ii) cause damage to the Organisation Assets or Facilities or loss to the Organisation; (iii) conduct yourself in a manner (or circumstance arise with regard to you) such that the Organisation, acting reasonably, considers it detrimental to its interest for you to continue in employment; (iv) cease to hold the necessary professional qualification and/or membership on the basis of which you were employed;(v) you are medically not fit to perform your work (where you have not remained present for work for a period exceeding an aggregate of 60 days in any calendar year for medical reasons, the Organisation may at its discretion deem that you are not medically fit to perform your work). The Organisation is not obliged to pay you any Performance Pay if the Organisation has terminated your employment in accordance with this paragraph and you irrevocably agree to forfeit any such amounts.
  • You may resign from the Organisation’s service by giving the Organisation a prior written notice of at least 2
  • Where the Organisation considers necessary, the Organisation may suspend your employment by a written notice to You acknowledge this is in addition to any other right that the Organisation may have.
  • Promptly on the Organisation’s request and in any case before ceasing to be the Organisation’s employee, you shall: (a) return, handover or give effective control to the Organisation of: (i) all Organisation Assets and Facilities; and (ii) copies of Confidential Information; in each case, as have been entrusted to you or to which access has been provided to you or which are otherwise in your possession or control or which ought to have been in your possession or control; and (b) do a proper handover of the matters you were responsible.