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A Day of Empowerment: Our Experience at Thapar University’s E-Summit 24

Author: Rapti Chatterjee


  • An event filled with interaction and networking
  • Quest for keen team members
  • Representation of our culture and values

Thapar University of Engineering and Technology invited Girl Power Talk to present us and our organization to their E-Summit- 24 on 23rd February 2024. The main purpose of this event was to give young and innovative minds an opportunity to interact with different organizations and to venture out into the professional world, by providing them access to various companies that had openings for internships, the purpose of which was to provide, know about their business models and gain professional experience by becoming a part of any of those organizations.

Girl Power Talk Team at Thapar University

Needless to say, we were really excited when we got to know that we had been given the opportunity to be a part of such a big event and represent Girl Power Talk there, the platform that gave us wings, to let more young people experience what a healthy and beautiful work culture looks like. Set to abide by CFO Sameer Somal’s words, “ No one is an intern at Girl Power Talk”, we stepped into Thapar to gain a whole new experience. It gave Girl Power Talk and its young leaders to showcase their platform and organization to these young individuals and give them the opportunity to be a part of this unique business model that is based on profit and purpose. 


Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

A Search for Keen Individuals

We looked for those perceptive and enthusiastic individuals who are going to be an asset and with whom we can learn and grow. They are not just interns in our organization but are also young leaders and professionals who would serve a purpose. We interacted with over 150+ students who were interested in us and those interactions made us realize how everyone thinks differently. For example, some of the students, aspiring to be graphic designers, showed us their portfolios and each of them had a different way of designing which showed how they perceive art differently from the other person and that’s what is keeping creativity alive, thinking differently and as we, at Girl Power Talk, love creative people, we were on sky seven for all the interactions.

Power of Interaction and Networking

The day went smoothly filled with a lot of anticipation, joy, curiosity, creativity, and a lot of interactions. We were amazed by how people kept coming to us even when they saw we were wrapping up. So, overall, this was an amazing experience that we never experienced before which left us thinking how lucky we are to be a part of Girl Power Talk for being such a healthy organization that focuses on culture and wellbeing. 

One of our greatest learnings from this internship fair was that we got the opportunity to represent our organization, along with that we got to interact with like-minded young individuals and many other organizations with various unique sets of values. It was truly a major learning opportunity, filled with fun, laughter, and interactions. It was a pleasure to communicate with people from different backgrounds, companies, and places. Connecting with people from different backgrounds, companies, and regions, including those from our own locale, was particularly rewarding.


Looking back on our experience at Thapar University’s E-Summit 24, we feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to connect with such bright and talented individuals. It was a day filled with laughter, learning, and meaningful connections—a day that reminded us why we do what we do at Girl Power Talk. We are truly grateful to Girl Power Talk for providing us with this opportunity and giving us this learning opportunity to grow and become a more confident version of ourselves.

Rapti Chatterjee & Vaishali Bhardwaj

Rapti Chatterjee's love for writing and feminism traces back to her history major days. While she may be small and lively upon first meeting, don't be fooled – when she pulls out her notepad, she means serious business.


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