Sameer Somal

Co-Founder, Girl Power Talk Sameer Somal is a feminist, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. Sameer is a Co-Founder of Girl Power Talk and the CEO of Blue Ocean Global Technology. An active member of CFA Institute, the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) and the Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF), he is relentlessly committed to empowering today’s youth with opportunities to become tomorrow’s global leaders.

Author's Posts

It’s Manly to Be a Feminist

What Being a Feminist Actually Means Feminism Is Not Just Women’s Work Gender Equality Improves Men’s Lives, Too How Men Can Make a Difference as Feminists The word feminist can send many men into a cold sweat. Often, feminism is maligned in the media as radical, angry women making noise or claiming they don’t need men. Too often, men think feminism is only a women’s issue and that they should avoid any connection with it, positive or negative. Some fear …

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Capturing Verity With Her Lens: Riddhi Parekh

Getting Into Photography Facing Backlashes Fond Memories Behind The Scenes Advice To The Youth Riddhi Parekh is not your usual photographer. She believes in power of expression through photography. Through her memorable still shots, Riddhi beautifully highlights the bewildering and thought-provoking questions that underpin Indian society. Through visual communication she highlights India’s psychological mindset and true identity. At her core, she is a life-long learner and believes in the practice of continuous evolution to achieve the best version of oneself. …

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