Yani Tabunan

Marketing and Communications Associate, Girl Power Talk Yani Tabunan is a hardworking and creative young leader at Girl Power Talk who loves to spend most of her time creating content and thinking of promotional strategies for brands and companies. She is a vlogger with her channel, Coffee With Yani and a great friend that enjoys talking about her travels, life experiences, or even the mundane things about life over a cup of coffee.

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Redirecting My Dreams with Girl Power Talk: Yani Tabunan

Living with Hope The Reality of Having Big Dreams My Blessing in Disguise: Girl Power Talk Overview: Yani Tabunan shares how she found Girl Power Talk despite going through major disappointments in life. This article shares the importance of having dreams because they are what keep us going forward. Dreams transpire a sense of accomplishment. Self-belief is the ultimate gateway to your dreams. Living with Hope I think it's pretty cliché to start my story with, "I am a small-town …

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What Is the Key to Happiness: Paycheck or Passion?

For a young person entering the working world, certain pressures can make choosing a career path daunting, if not downright overwhelming. Even if we are brave enough to imagine an illustrious mission for our future selves, the little voices in the back of our minds soon bring us back to daily reality. The loudest of those voices wants to talk about just one thing—money. This article was originally published on humancapitalonline. Read more