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Richard Ellison, CFA, CAIA

I know that I can count on Girl Power Talk to deliver the results that I need. It is comforting to know that their team is focused on providing customized client engagements rather than trying to fit our needs into a template or generic framework. I feel confident in recommending Girl Power Talk to other businesses and professionals and have been happy to do so as I know they will provide excellent service and execution to my network of friends …

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Lee Conti Jr.

The ‘Young Leaders’ at Girl Power Talk are storytellers, determined to be the voices of change. It is with this strong penchant for making a positive difference in the world that keeps them motivated to deliver excellent results on projects they take up globally. With innovation and creativity at the core of this organization, the is continuously engaged in acquiring knowledge and creating meaningful connections. This set of ever-growing bright and capable members is jammed packed with unlimited potential. Their …

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Rakesh Chawla

My daughter Tina Chawla has been working with Girl Power Talk for almost 2 years, and as her father, seeing first-hand, her professional and personal growth has left me very proud. It is a tremendous opportunity for any individual, mainly due to the exposure to a professional environment coupled with the fact that they choose to have no rigid hierarchy and treat everyone’s opinion equally without considering the ‘age’ or ‘experience’ as a factor. With Tina, her journey has brought …

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Laura Powers

The clear vision of Girl Power Talk is put into action every day. Rachita supports the organization’s growth by catalyzing change through the development of each young adult that joins the Girl Power Talk community. I have seen first-hand what this support can do for an individual’s empowerment. The organization provides multi-platform opportunities for women to amplify their voice through their website, videos, blogging, and social media accounts. Through education, Girl Power Talk team members are striving to eradicate stereotypes …

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John Livesay

In a time of people searching their corporate souls to see if they are doing everything possible to embrace diversity and be a good global citizen, Girl Power Talk stands out as a beacon of inspiration. Not only does Girl Power Talk provide a place for young women to get experience and have their voices heard, but they also support the LGBT community. If you are seeking to work with a company that can not only meet your SEO needs …

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Joshua Jones, CFP®

What initially began as a digital marketing consulting engagement quickly evolved into something much more. The Girl Power Talk team led by their CEO, Rachita Sharma, was able to grasp our strategic vision and aided us in evolving our brand beyond what we initially considered. Time and time again I found myself taking notes from their advice on areas that ostensibly appeared beyond their services. Thank you Girl Power Talk for remembering that when the tide comes in, all ships …

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Dr. Freddy Bojanini

What makes Girl Power Talk and Rachita’s team unique is they took the time to research our market, other great examples of hospital groups in South America, and educated us on what others were doing before making recommendations. This market intelligence showed our team that Girl Power Talk really values us.

Ian Robertson, CFA

As board chair for Canada’s Responsible Investment Association, I play an active role in facilitating the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into the investment decision making process, and in the encouragement of Impact Investing. Girl Power Talk is a leading example of an impact investment – a company that aims to have a positive ESG outcome while following a robust business plan – in this case the provision of exceptional service as digital marketing experts.

Zia Sabir

We could not be happier with our decision to work with Girl Power Talk. I have worked with CEO Rachita Sharma personally on a regular basis. There hasn’t been a single deadline Rachita and her dedicated team have not met. Moreover, everyone at our firm enjoyed working them, which of course translates to happy colleagues. Girl Power Talk is authentic in building a culture that provides opportunities to young women and reinvests its resources in social causes that matter most …

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