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We believe that achieving true gender equality requires a radical shift in the way young women are mentored in the workplace. At Girl Power Talk, we are passionately dedicated to empowering women–as well as men and nonbinary individuals–with opportunities to learn confidently, feel valued, and build a career full of purpose.

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Girl Power Talk is passionate about elevating young women to become global leaders who are recognized for their myriad of talents and contributions. We believe that through education, opportunity, and the support of empathetic male allies, girls and women will advance beyond gender roles, aspire to new levels of achievement and reshape our society. Through our innovative ecosystem, we are changing the world of work for the better and providing all voices equal weight in a new narrative defining the future.

Starting a Movement

Girl Power Talk was founded on the idea that young India needs an innovative new work culture that equally harnesses people’s talents, irrespective of their gender. Girl Power Talk is more than a company. We are a movement rooted in empowerment, professional ambition, and social impact. For generations, women have been relegated to secondary roles, and the youth exploited for their energy and inexperience. We are a culture that will make history by changing this dynamic and writing the beautiful next chapter in this story.

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A positive work culture leads to higher productivity when it provides team members a safe space to express their concerns, removes barriers in favor of bridges for growth, and fosters resilience from stress and depression.

The Girl Power Talk Family

We meticulously recruit ambitious young leaders who value personal growth, professional development, and positive social change. Every candidate who is invited to join our global team is special not so much for what they do, but for who they are. We celebrate difference and believe in the collective power that is created when individuals are free to be authentic and true to themselves. Our genuine care and love for one another inspires us to work and  play harder than everyone else. Our happiness is infectious because it is real.

Our Unique Culture

We believe that our careers are part of how we influence the world around us, so we strive to maintain a culture that allows each person to find purpose in their work. Our worth is determined not simply by our remuneration but also by the rewards we get from creating positive change for others. Our workplace is a happy one; we encourage our team members to maximize their work-life balance and to see their colleagues as a kind of extended familial support system. We love coming to work at Girl Power Talk because it is our second home.

Latest Reads

Our platform is a medium for voicing the opinions and concerns of our society. We are committed to sharing the voices of all individuals, especially youth and women. We amplify the stories of our societies' unsung (s)heroes through our #PeopleWeAdmire series and share our collective experiences through the pieces we author with our diverse collaborators.


What is Social Media Pressure? How to Reduce The Risks of Social Media Pressure? Assuming an over-exerting role in the lives of teenagers worldwide, social media has the power to make or break realities. It often reflects a virtual or ideal life that is far from reality, leading to a distorted perception of one's own self and surroundings.

Share Your Story With Us

Do you have a personal or professional story that can inspire other people? We are interested in your journey and recognize that your struggles and successes define you. Amplifying your voice is at the core of the Girl Power Talk movement. We are all ears. Please take the pen and tell us your story. Together, we will empower the next generation of leaders.

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Girl Power Talk is a voice for those who don't have one. We build bridges by fostering collaboration across communities. When others speak, we listen. Here are a few testimonials from those whose hearts we have touched over the past few years. Their encouragement is our inspiration for tomorrow.

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