Social Impact

Girl Power Talk’s vision is rooted in education and empowerment.

We take conscious steps to spread the light of education and awareness. Our team empowers students through live education sessions at schools and colleges across the world. One of our greatest personal achievements is successfully reaching over 25K students and young professionals through our educational bootcamps and skill-building programs.


We truly enjoy devoting time and energy to communities that can benefit from a hand up. We are always expanding our reach, and everyone at Girl Power Talk has a say in how our efforts can best be directed, both individually and as a group. As a technology company, we have a strong desire to give back to schools by fostering young women’s interest in tech and encouraging them to think about fulfilling career pathways they can courageously pursue.

Nothing makes us happier than having a positive impact on lives in disadvantaged communities and within groups of marginalized women. We work to empower acid attack survivors, victims of abuse, sex workers, and others who are unfairly treated as outcasts. We want to invest in women everywhere with the ability to thrive on their own, beginning with financial literacy and basic English skills.

Partnerships and Collaborations

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