Social Impact

Girl Power Talk’s vision is rooted in education and empowerment.

We take conscious steps to spread the light of education and awareness. Our team empowers students through live education sessions at schools and colleges across the world. One of our greatest personal achievements is successfully reaching over 25K students and young professionals through our educational bootcamps and skill-building programs.

We truly enjoy devoting time and energy to communities that can benefit from a hand up. We are always expanding our reach, and everyone at Girl Power Talk has a say in how our efforts can best be directed, both individually and as a group. As a technology company, we have a strong desire to give back to schools by fostering young women’s interest in tech and encouraging them to think about fulfilling career pathways they can courageously pursue.


Nothing makes us happier than having a positive impact on lives in disadvantaged communities and within groups of marginalized women. We work to empower acid attack survivors, victims of abuse, sex workers, and others who are unfairly treated as outcasts. We want to invest in women everywhere with the ability to thrive on their own, beginning with financial literacy and basic English skills.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Umeed: A Place to Dream

At Girl Power Talk, we believe in social justice and equal opportunity and access to resources. One way we are enforcing change in this regard is through the Girl Power Talk school, based in our offices in Chandigarh, where we receive underprivileged children on a weekly basis. Here, we not only teach the junior future leaders basic formal education, but also mentor and help them develop essential soft skills (effective communication, self-confidence, financial literacy, etc.) and, ultimately, help strengthen their self-esteem and the recognition of their value as individuals.

Save Girl Uganda

In collaboration with Girl Power Talk, Ugandan-based Save Girl, strives to provide meaningful resources including mentorship sessions, skill-enhancement programs, menstrual hygiene products for the betterment of young women (and men) in the rural areas of Uganda.

Tollen Community Education Centre

Based in Kenya, Tollen Community Education Centre is a home and school for over 150 underprivileged and vulnerable children. Girl Power Talk helps with providing resources to cater for the home’s basic needs on a monthly basis. Through our Kenyan team members, we also host interactive sessions twice a month aimed at educating and mentoring the young minds.

Choose Love Movement

Choose Love Movement reaches out to schools and organizations in India with certified programs along with the aim of promoting the Choose Love Formula: COURAGE + GRATITUDE + FORGIVENESS + COMPASSION-IN-ACTION = Choosing Love. With the assistance and guidance of Choose Love, Girl Power Talk takes part in this mission and seeks to promote holistic education and growth of the future of India.

ANWA: (Aatm Nirbhar Women’s Association)

ANWA, seeks to promote a level platform for small women business owners from the Brij Area (Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India). Together, Girl Power Talk and ANWA host sessions and webinars, collaborate in bootcamps and reach out to colleges and schools in Mathura to promote and create opportunities for the region’s young women.


Enabled to Enable is a non-governmental organization that cares for and supports women and girls with disabilities and other vulnerable populations. It has a keen focus on empowerment of women/girls with disabilities and other vulnerable populations through advocacy, training programs and support services. Girl Power Talk and E-Enable collaborate in a Content and Fundraising partnership to take forward their shared vision.

Girl Power Talk’s Online Bootcamps

Girl Power Talk offers live online bootcamps and interactive sessions that are free for anyone to register and attend, where we have had over two thousand collective audiences. The sessions, which include writing, speaking, and design, are focused on teaching the nuances of confident speaking, tapping into one’s creativity and improving the participants’ overall writing skills — from business to creative writing — thus giving them the confidence to stand out in different areas of their lives and equipping them with necessary skills to make the most out of technology and take on the fast-paced digital world.

Girl Power X Impacts

Through our Merch x Impact initiative, Girl Power Talk collaborates with different schools and colleges in their social events, such as festivals. We offer our sweatshirts, promoting a message for social change and development, and part of the benefits contribute directly to other social projects we are involved in, like Umeed – Girl Power Talk’s school.