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      We are building a global team of changemakers. Our young leaders learn, grow, gain opportunities, and create impact across the board. Our unique model allows individuals to gain technical skills, confidence, make lasting relationships, win mentors, while purposefully giving back to their communities. Most importantly, together we have fun and make a truly understanding support system for each other. Apply today to be part of this dynamic family.

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      Addressing the Healthcare Crisis: The Dire Need for Doctors in Uganda
      Fund A Future Doctor In Uganda Consequences of Doctor Scarcity in Uganda Integrating Social Impact and Medicine Future Prospects of a Young Dreamer Overview: Uganda has been facing a significant healthcare crisis due to a shortage of doctors. Lack of access of medical care in remote areas has led to significant consequences for the population. Integration of social impact to provide quality education in medicine can improve access to healthcare services. Quality and accessible healthcare is a basic necessity for …

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      Learn, Do, Share: Dennis Yu’s Mantra to Success
      Starting A Business Redefining Success Facing Challenges Envisioning Impact Overview: Relationships are essential for your career, as they build power over time. If you are not discouraged by fails, you will eventually win. If you help enough people get what they want you will get everything you want. Success is something that you can feel in your heart. 1. Could you tell us more about yourself and your business? Where did the idea come from? I'm just a search engineer. …

      Learn, Do, Share: Dennis Yu’s Mantra to Success Read More »

      Hustle Culture: Have You Got It Right?
      Understanding Hustle Culture Risks of Over-Participating in Hustle Culture Breaking Away from the Comparisons Achieving a Balance: Setting Limits and Pursuing Passions Overview: Hustle culture refers to a work-focused lifestyle that values constant productivity and success.  To avoid the negative effects of hustle culture, it's important to avoid comparisons, find an outside interest, and establish clear boundaries.  Doing your best, rather than striving for someone else's definition of success, is key for a healthy and fulfilling life.  Pursue your passions …

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      Am I a Bad Feminist?
      What is Feminism? 7  Things Feminists Should Not Be Guilty About Overview: Feminism is not a set category with a checklist to tick off to determine whether one is a good or a bad feminist. Being vulnerable is not a question of one’s feminism. Letting men pick up loads does not mean women are weak. Femininity and feminism are not antonyms. Having Religious Faith and Celebrating Culture is not against the ideals of feminism. Feminism is about respecting the choices …

      Am I a Bad Feminist? Read More »

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      Stories connect us across generations and geographies. Your unique story of becoming who you are can inspire another in intangible ways. We are interested in your journey and recognize that your struggles and successes define you. We are all ears and wish to amplify your growth. Share your story to reach the youth. You have the power to motivate. Together, we will empower the next generation of leaders.