Imagine A
Fictional Book

Where Young People Are Happy

They Have Intellectual Freedom

to Create, They are Learning and Growing and Working Together to Change the World.

Now imagine making it real.

Rachita Sharma

Co-Founder, Girl Power Talk
Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Ocean Global Technology

About Us

Girl Power Talk strives to inspire girls with persistence, empathy, and confidence. We empower young Women, Men & Non-Binary with merit-based opportunities to grow and achieve their full potential. Our mission, in collaboration with our sister company Blue Ocean Global Technology, is to develop girls in India to become global leaders. We are relentlessly committed to education, gender equality, and integrating the strengths of specially abled communities. We celebrate the diverse talents of each individual.

Through our nurturing culture of learning and mentorship, we instill young people with exceptional soft-skills, technical knowledge, and purpose in life. We provide a platform to share the voices and stories of girls and women across India. #GirlPowerTalk

“One girl empowers another. Let’s change lives together: one girl, one woman and one human being at a time.”

What is Your Favourite Book?