Girl Power Talk promotes inclusivity and brings together young individuals

Our key objective is not only to empower women, but to also provide training in business, communication, technology among more. Girl Power Talk promotes inclusivity and brings together young individuals, irrespective of their gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, or social background in a community that fosters love, support, encouragement, and inspiration.


To date, we have delivered

150+ sessions

(10K+ attendees)

IIMs and IITs across India on subjects ranging from
finance to gender equity.

Gender Equality

The key to achieving real gender equality is enabling people to make educated decisions about their future and their life. To achieve a bright future where everyone is equal, new (and older) generations must first be afforded education opportunities, that put them in a position to lead and encourage others to accomplish great things as well.
We’ve managed to create a positive impact in achieving a dream where gender equality becomes a reality instead of an idealistic concept because we believe in the power of education.

Our Focus in Education

Our focus in education can be classified into four major categories, namely : Technology, Design and Creativity, Financial Confidence, and Communication Skill Sets.


Education opens doors for people all over the globe, giving them the freedom to choose their own paths and follow their dreams. Without education and training, it becomes difficult to join skill-reliant sectors such as technology, which is why we make a concerted effort to aid individuals enter the intimidating world of technology.

Creativity and Happiness

Our organization admires creativity and seeks individuals from all walks of life that have a talent for creating and expressing themselves artistically. We open our doors and provide a space for these  individuals to thrive in their craft, be the best version of themselves, and most importantly, find happiness and meaning in their work. We believe and strive to make an impact, one person at a time.

Financial Confidence

Financial confidence is a valuable commodity to have, but the lack of avenues for acquiring sufficient financial literacy makes it difficult to achieve financial confidence. We organize frequent seminars to teach young people the fundamentals of financial literacy so that they are well-aware, educated, and prepared to face the real world with one of the best gifts you can give to anybody in this day and age: financial literacy.

Effective Communication

At Girl Power Talk, we think that communication closes many gaps and serves as the basis for different, if not all, kinds of relationships. We can ensure a better future with fewer misunderstandings, miscommunication, and more cooperation by sharpening the communication skills of young people. We enable today’s youth to speak out not just for themselves, but also for those who do not have a voice yet but still need to be heard by others.

Personal Development

Girl Power Talk seeks to help each of our team members grow into the best and healthiest version of themselves. We believe in individual growth, both personally and professionally, and therefore work to help our members develop technical skills, leadership qualities, and confidence through mentorship, training, and networking with experts and thought leaders.

Career Coaching

Girl Power Talk offers soft skills coaching on technology, finance, communication, among other essentials needed to advance an individual’s career or grow as an entrepreneur and create a solid network of connections. Want to learn how to build a website, keep up effectively with your professional contacts or create your elevator pitch? We are here to help.

Collaborations in Education

Courses We Offer

We believe that achieving true gender equality requires a radical shift in the way young women are mentored in the workplace. At Girl Power Talk, we are passionately dedicated to empowering women – as well as men and non-binary individuals – with opportunities to confidently learn.

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