Generate Impact

Our first measure of success is the number of lives we’ve transformed.

Making a social impact is in our ethos and our DNA. We have set out to prove that we can sow the seeds of change for humankind while running a profitable business. Often, young people are led to believe that they must choose between making money and doing good in the world. But we are writing a new story, one in which young people can be professionally ambitious and equally committed to giving back to their communities and mentoring others. Today is the best day to plant a tree and let prosperity grow.


We leverage technology to create impact. We provide opportunities for young people to work in the burgeoning digital landscape, equipping them with technical and soft skills they can use to earn a living anywhere. Yet our learning culture goes even deeper than that. We foster empathetic leadership skills in young people so they can go on to mentor more leaders throughout their lifetime. Our social impact therefore becomes exponential, and more women are empowered to build fruitful careers in leadership positions.

We collaborate with more than 50 schools and colleges, sharing skills with as many women and girls as possible so we can create a better future together. Through social media, we also educate the wider public on sensitive issues that specifically affect women.

Some of our recent programs

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Some of our recent collaborations

Financial Independence

Empowering women financially is an important area of focus for us. We do not have unpaid internships at Girl Power Talk. Every team member is paid for their work and taught the fundamentals of financial literacy so they can have agency in their own lives. We believe passionately that one of the best ways to uplift women—particularly those from conservative or patriarchal communities—is to give them the tools they need to be self-reliant and make their own choices in life. As a team, we are excited not only to take control of our own financial destiny but also to pass valuable financial literacy skills on to women and girls who need them.

Social impact

We truly enjoy devoting time and energy to communities that can benefit from a hand up. We are always expanding our reach, and everyone at Girl Power Talk has a say in how our efforts can best be directed, both individually and as a group. As a technology company, we have a strong desire to give back to schools by fostering young women’s interest in tech and encouraging them to think about fulfilling career pathways they can courageously pursue.

Nothing makes us happier than having a positive impact on lives in disadvantaged communities and within groups of marginalized women. We work to empower acid attack survivors, victims of abuse, sex workers, and others who are unfairly treated as outcasts. We want to invest in women everywhere with the ability to thrive on their own, beginning with financial literacy and basic English skills.


Young people in India and many other countries have difficulty finding meaningful employment that both inspires them and provides them with financial stability. At Girl Power Talk, success and purpose go hand in hand. We appreciate our team members for their inherent talents and give them the confidence-building and networking skills to bring those talents out into the world. Our hope is that everyone who moves on from Girl Power Talk to take their next step will continue to promote our shared values and help others develop socially conscious careers.