Meet Our Team

Girl Power Talk strives to inspire girls with persistence, empathy, and confidence. We empower young women (and men) with merit-based opportunities to grow and achieve their full potential. Our mission, in collaboration with our sister company Blue Ocean Global Technology, is to develop girls in India to become global leaders. We are relentlessly committed to education, gender equality, and integrating the strengths of specially abled communities. We celebrate the diverse talents of each individual.

Young Leaders

Rachita Sharma

The Queen of Rebel and Sass. She can make everyone chuckle with the straightest face and give inspiration all around with the fire for change that burns in her. Her poetry shows her passion, power, and profound thought. Rachita's direct communication and understanding heart are her crowns that make everyone love her no matter what.

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Trisha Sinha

Determined and diligent at work yet always ready with a sassy joke, Trisha is an admired leader and a best friend to all. She enjoys confiding in Netflix on most tiresome days.

Catherine Traffis

Catherine has a smile which is brighter than the stars and highly infectious! She is the one who makes sure all our pieces provide the smoothest reading experience.

Frankie Picasso

Tina Chawla

She can do everything! Her superpowers include making everyone feel at home and loved, being empathetic, making friends, cooking, and dancing.

Yogita Patil

A calming breath of fresh air, one can always find Yog ji in the world of books. Someone whose every word is a drop of peace.

Devanshi Arora

With Devanshi in the room there will always be laughter, cheer, and light. The one you can rely on to make you look trendy and support you always!

Jasmita Shah

A free spirit who loves reading, writing, and mythology, our young feminist craves deep passionate conversations. Jas loves singing, sarcasm, and smart discussion.

Sreya Layek

A blend of kindness and drive like no other, Sreya will always be a friend by your side and a spirited leader to look up to. She enjoys taking long strolls down the old streets of Kolkata, cooking, playing the guitar, gardening, reading and most of all - spreading joy all around!

Grace Robertson

Bright, fun, and empathetic, Grace is your go-to web developer, programmer and pal. Her intelligence and ambition are like no other!

Khushboo Mishra

Hustler. Funny. Smart. Happy-go-lucky. The friend you can rely on to be there in the highs and low and the dedicated workaholic. Khushi is both the life of the party and the one who makes everyday seem like a party!

Deena Shakeel Khan

Her smile will pull you in, and her kind heart win you over. But still prepared to be astonished by her brilliant brain. Deenu is the definiton of cute, clever, and compassionate!

Sadia Shaikh

A package of energy, mirth, and cuteness, Sadia is a dedicated hustler with a contagious laugh of pure joy!

Cate Margaret Paspos

Chipiwa Mukono

Have you met Chipiwa? She is humble, appreciative, has a soothing voice that can calm the sea, and her love for crocheting is unmatched.

Rimsha Wasiq

Kind and giving, Rimsha reflects all things sweet. She's an artist, reader, and teacher in one, making the most of her time with the ones around her!

Kauthar Wangi

Bubbly, passionate, and humble are the words that come to mind when you think of Kauthar. An aspiring advocate, she loves to learn, explore and make new friends!

Vanshika Dhaundiyal

Peaceful and strong like the hills she comes from, Vanshika's choice of words is a reflection of her empathetic heart. And if you haven't checked out her poems you are losing out.

Norah Brenda Oriwo

Gracious and persistent Norah is someone you can rely upon in need because she listens, understands and is always great with advices. She's the big sister you don't think you need until you meet her!

Maria Bernadith Osorio

A ray of sunshine! A day isn't complete without Maria's infectious and radiant smile. Our comfort person and happy pill who brightens up a gloomy day.

Ishita Sharma

She will sing you a melody while strumming a few strings to uplift your spirit. Her kindness, wit, and perseverance inspires everyone along her way. When she’s not at work, you may find her playing with dogs, recording a song, or slurping on frozen yogurt!

Jesse Mariz Barcena

Curious and marvelous Jesse, living with the soft girl aesthetic but queening with every move!

Marion Nekesa

Marion understands how to handle tough situations and hold a team together. Her words have the power to hold you spell bound and her thoughts can spark a revolution.

Kurtney Garcia

From marketing and communications to making the most entertaining video content, Kurtney knows how to slay and catch everyone's eye with her amazing plans and smile on the face, always!

Zaan Do

Dinar Apriliani

Dennise Rialp

Dennise Rialp

Afifah Nurhilmiyah

Simran Singh

Did you say feminism? I might've heard Simran! Her brilliance and sincerity are reflected through her sagacious writing, but most of all, her burning passion for feminism.

Aaniya Dahiya

Young and smart girl who stands out in the room with her ideas and confidence to implement them.

Racheal Bankole

Her cleverness and comedic nature show wherever she goes; her facial expressions are always spot on! A multi-talented queen, be it writing or making videos.

Almas Malik

Victoria César Velázquez

Susmita Aryal

Susmita Aryal

Soha Borkar

Soha Borkar

Nguyễn Linh Chi

Nguyễn Linh Chi

Muskan Purohit

Muskan Purohit

Aashna Duggal

We don’t have to climb a wall when it comes to her. Aashna is always on the roll to understand your plights and is ready to buckle up to save the day!

Dr. Jasgun Aulakh

Sameer Somal

An altruistic heart meets a visionary brain. His passion for creating change shines through. Sameer's genuine enthusiasm and trust in people is infectious and keeps the team going.

Sudhansu Batra

Your partner in crime for bike-trips! Sudhansu's advice and guidance is always priceless and makes everyone feel safe. And if you haven't heard him sing, then you are missing out.

Rachit Sharma

Rachit enjoys solitude and is happy in his own company. The back-end decoder, Rachit's cool, fun, and practical side compliments his dedicated health enthusiast one.

Pablo A. Ruz Salmones

Esteban Lluis Aceff

Karan Jain

The one who fills the colors in—literally, or atleast picks them. Karan is a fun loving person who manages to bring positivity and fresh breath to every situation!

Yash Dhiman

Focused, Dedicated and Disciplined. The one who can handle any bug or error, our tech guru Yash Sir makes sure we are always on the go!

Rahul Sharma

Calm and fun at the same time, he is the perfect friend who will be there for you. Another gym enthusiast, Rahul's passion and dedication are admirable.

Noorain Saleem

The reason behind all our smiling faces, literally! Noorain has the art of making everyone like him, is humble, and can make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Mostapha Khalifeh

Anjo Agbay