Meet Our Team

Girl Power Talk strives to inspire girls with persistence, empathy, and confidence. We empower young women (and men) with merit-based opportunities to grow and achieve their full potential. Our mission, in collaboration with our sister company Blue Ocean Global Technology, is to develop girls in India to become global leaders. We are relentlessly committed to education, gender equality, and integrating the strengths of specially abled communities. We celebrate the diverse talents of each individual.

Young Leaders

Rachita Sharma

The Queen of Rebel and Sass! She has the fire for change that inspires everyone . Her poetry exhibits her passion and profound thought.

Sameer Somal

The raconteur friend you always wanted. Sameer's enthusiasm for empowerment and energy for our youth revolution is infectious.

Sudhansu Batra

The reliable mentor & the friend you can turn to, Sudhansu is the perfect mix of wise, fun, and cool.

Aashna Duggal

Smart, dedicated, and kind Aashna is always on the roll to understand your plights and is ready to buckle up to save your nights!

Stevens Forcadell

Calm and professional, Stevens is an articulate person who loves playing chess and is known for thinking outside the box.

Mostapha Khalifeh

Funny, empathetic, and intellectual, Mostapha is your person to have deep conversations with.

Frankie Picasso

An explorer who likes to do any and everything, Frankie is a friend and mentor to all that cross her path.

Tina Chawla

The friend you can trust. Tinu’s resourceful mind is complimented by her warm nature.

Karan Jain

The one who fills the colors in—literally, or picks them up. Karan is a fun loving person who brings a breath of fresh air to any situation.

Sanjeev Sharma

Catherine Traffis

Catherine has a smile that is highly infectious! She makes sure all our pieces provide the smoothest reading experience.

Angus Robertson

Angus is always learning. He loves playing strategy games and reading Shakespeare in his free time.

Tania Chahal

A person who lives each day to the fullest, Tania is a driven person who achieves whatever she sets her mind to.

Nitya Gupta

Passionate and driven, Nitya is a BTS fan who loves to write, research, and explore universal mysteries.

Shaheena Kishnani

Friendly, positive, and organized Shaheena is a dancer who loves to escape into the world of books.

Anshika Ganjoo

Marion Nekesa

Revolutionizing the world through her words, Marion handles tough situations and holds a team together like a queen.

Simran Singh

Did you say feminism? I might've heard Simran! Her brilliance and sincerity are reflected through her burning passions.

Nairah Dinah

A keen learner who's disciplined and hard working. She can speak not just one or two but several languages and has a great sense of humour.

Yash Dhiman

The one who can fix any error, our tech guru Yash Sir makes sure we are always on the go.

Amandeep Singh

Coming from Punjab, Amandeep's hobby is playing games. An explorer, Ladakh and Jaiselmer are high on his bucket list.

Gaezelle Ann Serra

Miray Marina

As a dedicated graphic designer, Miray finds immense joy in the transformative power of design. She loves bringing ideas to life, making each visual creation a memorable experience.


Organized, creative and funny learner who knows how to get things done right on time with perfection.

Amal Mishra

Amal is a creative, dedicated, and empathetic person. He believes nothing can limit us in achieving what we want.

Reshika Raina

Reshika is a detail-oriented problem solver who is committed to designing equitable solutions. A fitness enthusiast and avid Taylor Swift fan, she blends precision with creativity.

Ajay Gaur

A team player and a believer, Ajay is a problem solver who trusts that he can achieve everything he wants with perseverance.

Arup Maity

Balaguru S

Balaguru has great interest in web development. He finds great joy in implementing creative solutions and experimenting with new technologies.

Probir Sarkar

Daniel Chettiar

Daniel is a living representation of discipline and the desire to learn.

Vaibhav Shroti

Charima Jha

Mansi Sapariya

Bright mind, passionate soul, avid learner, and a moon enthusiast.

Trent Maffeo

Trent enjoys helping people around him and loves sharing inventive and creative ideas with others. He likes to code and animate and is an avid fan of films and video games.

Dona Das

A patient person who is open to all opinions, Dona is a perfectionist for whom equality is the motto.

Sandeep Kaur

She hails from Punjab, adores music, movies, and her husband. Shy, patient, dreams of excelling in web development, cherishing loved ones.

Rahul Yadav

Rahul believes that everything is transient. He is a great communicator and creative person who bonds with everyone.

Maria Bernadith Osorio

Maria is a ray of sunshine! She's the go-to when you are in need of a laugh session and a comfort person on a gloomy day.

Anjo Agbay

Whatever life throws his way, Anjo beats life's challenges with sensibility and a sprinkle of sarcasm and spice.

Dinar Apriliani

We can’t spell optimistic and warmhearted without Dee’s name. She never runs out of giggles and sweetness.

Kristel Anahaw

Kristel is a confident person, who believes in facing challenges and that growth is found in learning and trying.

Namya Sethi

Namya is a trained kathak dancer who holds values of empathy, optimism, and making situations lighter and more enjoyable.

Niyor Sarma

Kind, observant, and a good listener. Reinventing life with knowledge and music, one day at a time.

Oratile Thothela

Oratile finds joy and purpose in her connection with God. She enjoys navigating the intricate world of finance, bringing order to numbers, and immersing herself in gaming. As an introvert, Oratile appreciates the beauty of quiet moments and meaningful connections.

Reann Dsouza

As a bookworm, Reann has a thurst for knowledge. She believes that fate is in her hands so there is no perfect time to do something right.

Shamen Landersz

A lifelong learner, Shamen is an empathetic person who believes that kindness is the greatest weapon.

Sejal Bhardwaj

Sejal’s greatest strengths are her perseverance and hard work combined with smart work.

Bhavika Jain

Kashish Sharma

Kashish is an empathetic individual who is always eager to learn. She finds joy in reading, journaling, and listening to music. She loves engaging in intellectual conversations to explore the profound layers of life and connect with others on a meaningful level.

Marlie Camano

Olamide Ogunrayi

A dreamer with a quest for knowledge and innovation. Olamide loves ancient history, anime, writing, and reading.

Olympica Mehta

Universal talk maestro carrying Phoebe's wit, Harry's courage, Chandler's humor and Hermoine's intellect.

Riddhi Joshi

Riddhi is a perpetual learner, a devoted cinephile, and a creator at heart. Her world revolves around the magic of movies, the enchantment of literature, and the thrill of bringing creativity to life. Riddhi is on a journey to craft stories that the world will remember.

Samaira Choudhary

Samaira strives to be her aspired self with passion and resilience. She believes in the saying, ‘Soif de vivre—Lust for life’. She radiates confidence through going Old n’ Classic in Vogue.

Samy Monir

For Samy, everyone has a story to tell. He's a writer at heart and is always eager to listen.

Titania Celestine

Ambitious and reliable, Celestine is an aspiring investigative journalist who seeks to ask all the right questions.

Vaishali Bhardwaj

A believer in “this too shall pass”, Vaishali finds solace in a slow-paced, unhurried life where she embraces each moment of life’s ebb and flow and wants to live a quiet secluded life.

Abeerah Tariq

Abeerah is a simple individual who believes in consistency & for her, wisdom comes with experience.

Abhay Pokhrel

Abhay loves to explore new horizons. He believes each day is an opportunity to learn.

Alma Fernando

Dissecting life with good humor, Alma is a cat-lover and music enthusiast with a knack for writing.

Amruta Kamble

Cefiro Samaco

Dhera Paradita

Dhera is eager to learn new things and is always waiting for the next enormous chance to develop herself. She loves sushi and white roses.

Ili Husna

Ili is an adventurous educator turned digital nomad, infusing wit and fun into every global journey!

Judith Pricila Salsabilla

Judith is an enthusiastic and passionate person who always wants to try something new, she loves cats and enjoys creating paintings.

Kenisha Chopra

With a soft spot for helping people, Kenisha is always on the look out for new opportunities to learn and impact change.

Monali Sathe

Driven by her passion for learning, Monali is a dreamer who is constantly looking to grow and find her true independent self.

Melissa Delatorre

Melissa is passionate about creativity. She enjoys creating things and making them unique. She is a good friend and a humble person.

Norah Brenda Oriwo

Gracious and persistent Norah is the big sister you who listens, understands, and is great with advice.

Nwankwo Ogechukwu

Ogechukwu is a bookworm who loves visiting amusement parks to have a feel connected to nature.

Racheal Bankole

Racheal's witty nature is one of her diverse talents which include writing and making videos.

Rapti Chatterjee

An avid reader and a petite powerhouse. Always armed with a notebook, her intellect transcends her stature.

Rimsha Wasiq

Rimsha reflects sweetness. She's an artist, reader, and teacher in one, making the most of her time with those around her.

Sadia Shaikh

A package of energy, mirth, and cuteness, Sadia is a dedicated hustler with a contagious laugh of pure joy.

Stefany Rosales

Tuba Malik

A logical, curious and loyal individual who actively strives to see change happen.

Vishal Baibhaw

An old soul with an appreciation for simplicity, Vishal is a nature lover who loves watching and creating movies.

Fathima Azma

Fathima believes in hope and always keeps trying. A listener and dreamer, she love to read, write and watch new series.

Mahesh Sathe

Dedicated to empower the grass roots, Mahesh lets his action talk.

Shriya Chauhan

Shriya is a cat enthusiast, thrives on crime documentaries, exuding confidence and drawing strength from effective communication.

Annapurna Pardhi

Annapurna is bold, courageous, and responsible at the same time. Someone you can depend on, she gives her best in everything.

Divyanshu Kumar

A calm and composed individual who is a Man United fan. Divyanshu loves helping people.

Mridul Gupta

Confident and open minded, Mridul believes in the power of action rather than doubtful thought.

Sanya Bhutiani

Hillary Turyasingura

A quick learner, critical thinker, and problem solver, Hillary is a dedicated and perseverant person who gives his best in every situation.

Kauthar Wangi

Bubbly, passionate, and humble are the words to describe Kauthar. She loves to learn, explore, and make new friends.

Jobelle Ponta-oy

A confident person who is always smiling and making others happy, Jobelle is a fighter who loves art and creativity.

Dr. Jasgun Aulakh

When smart meets fun meets hardworking, Jasgun is the one you can discuss life with and unwind with on an off day.

Esteban Lluis Aceff

Esteban's love for technology and learning is evident in all he does and his calm nature is one to swear by.

Pablo A. Ruz Salmones

A natural people's person, Pablo's passion and sagacity helps him stay focused on his vision.