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5 Times Bollywood Taught Us Lessons No Self-Help Book Could


Bollywood isn’t just a film industry but an emotion for millions of people. Indeed, Bollywood cinema always taught us about relations, cultures, religions, and many more things. With each corresponding era, we get a new set of themes in Bollywood, similarly, we get movies that are based on the life and its complexities. Bollywood has taught us those lessons that self-help books could never. Let’s go and take a ride in the pool of Bollywood life lessons.

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Jo Kuch Insaan Real Mein Chahta Hai, Actual Mein, Usse Wahi Milta Hai.

~ Geet, Jab we met

Remember when Geet said, “Jo Kuch insaan real mein chahta hai, actual mein, use wahi milta hai” and we all agreed with her? Even many scientific types of research on our subconscious mind state that our thoughts influence our circumstances and the cycle goes on. When you have a will to do something in life, either personal or professional, you always find a way to do it. Your willingness and ability to do something will always show up and the results will amaze those who believed in you and be an eye-opener for those who put you down and made you feel less than who you are. Having faith in yourself is the most important factor of confidence that leads us to success. Therefore, believe in your guts, intuitions, and thoughts always. 

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Losing Friends As You Grow Older Is a Sign of Growing Up

~ Jahangir, Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi taught us a lot of things but when Dr. Jahangir said, “Losing friends as you grow older is a sign of growing up” we realise that it’s okay to lose friends in life. My mother often says that life is like a train and people come and go when they reach their destinations. Expecting someone to always be there for you is impractical because some days you are good for some, and other days you are not. Just like some people become toxic to us, similarly, we also become toxic to some. Therefore, accepting the distance and separation helps you grow healthily. You lose friends and it’s okay because a tree doesn’t cry when it loses its leaves, instead it waits for new leaves to look more beautiful and happier than before.

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I Don’t Believe in Destiny, I Believe in Me.

~Vikram, Luck by chance 

Some people always think that whatever they have and you have is just because of destiny but Vikram from ‘Luck by Chance’ surely wasn’t one of them. Vikram believes in hard work, talent, and skills and we all should be. Destiny may be a thing that exists, but using it as an excuse is kind of stupid, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if you believe in destiny or not. Though, if you believe in yourself, you can 100% win Everything in your life that you want to. 

Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, says “You have to be willing to give yourself credit for small achievements.” Yes, you can’t give the credit for your hard work and talent to something that merely exists just as your belief. Therefore, believe in yourself and push your mind to learn more things, and congratulate your soul for being open to everything.

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Life Mein Jitna Bhi Try Karo, Kuch Na Kuch Toh Chhutega Hi. Jo Jahan Hain, Vahin Ka Mazza Lete Hain

~Naina, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 

In this world, everyone is chasing happiness. If you find happiness in any act or any decision, you should pursue it persistently. Every phase/age of life has its relevance. So, don’t presume that I have to do this work at this age. Relish the pride of Working on it now. Perhaps you were waiting for a day like today. It’s only when you have achieved it, that you are undermining the significance of this day. Maybe these days will be memorable ones in the future.

When you realize that living in the moment is more important than making and collecting memories, you learn to enjoy the moment you’re living right now, in your present, and you learn to be mindful. 

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When You Don’t Like Yourself You like nothing Associated With You

~Shashi, English Vinglish

Everyone around us who watched English Vinglish has one thought in common: Shashi should have chosen Laurent as he liked her, cared for her, and most importantly respected her for who she was. Surely the movie brought disappointment to many. But, when you watch it sometime later, you realize that Shashi was not wrong nor the movie ending was disappointing at all. It taught all of us that it’s okay to get distracted by lots of new interfaces when you don’t like anything in yourself. You get attracted to those who appreciate you for how you look and what you do, but it gets away when those people leave and the sadness takes over again. 

Therefore, instead of repeating the same thing, we need to learn a new way to like ourselves and love our soul the way it is. When you care what others say, you choose transformations, and when you know your wants and needs, you work on improvisations, always. Work on yourself, you will eventually start to appreciate your growth, got it? 

It’s surely not the end. We will come back with our new inspiration and self-help Bollywood movie characters soon.


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