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Girl Power Talk: 5 Reasons Why This Community Is the Best Workplace for Working Mothers



  • A biased culture in society often says women don’t need to have a high education as their life would end up in the kitchen, taking care of their households.
  • Women are often afraid to dream high and pursue their careers because they know, at some point, they’re forced to choose between their families or their job.
  • At Girl Power Talk, I am empowered both as a mother and professional which allows me to excel in my career without having to sacrifice my role as a mom.
  • With my current role, I have learned that being a working mom won’t make me less of a mother.

As a mother, it’s heart-wrenching to leave a sick child for work. Whether at home or in the office, it’s difficult to shift focus from a sick child to professional tasks. Therefore, finding the best workplace for working mothers can make a difference.

Juggling Family and Career: A Working Mother’s Dilemma

When my son spent his second birthday in the hospital due to COVID-19, I felt torn between my role as a mother and my career aspirations. Despite feeling pressured to choose between the two, I found the support and understanding at Girl Power Talk, making it the best workplace for working mothers.

Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

However, society’s biased culture still pressures women, especially mothers, to choose between family and career. As a woman, I always aspire to be independent because that’s what I want to teach my kid. We don’t have to surrender to society’s standards. Regardless of our role, it should not define who we truly are inside. It’s challenging most of the time, being a career mom. But I know that with the right support and the right community, we, women, can do both. And I hope to challenge this mindset with Girl Power Talk.

My Motherhood Life at Girl Power Talk

Remember I said my son spent his second birthday in the hospital? I had an important job deadline due the next day. If I’m working anywhere else, I can imagine that the probability of getting dispensation for my sick kid is, perhaps, unlikely. But that’s not what happens here at Girl Power Talk.

If there’s one thing that Girl Power Talk values the most, it’s family.

For me, Girl Power Talk is like a dream workplace, coming out of a fictional book. They aspire to empower young people, especially women, to be the best version of themselves and be able to stand tall on their feet. With its unique culture, Girl Power Talk drives and guides young people to reach their full potential.

And it applies not only to young girls but also to young moms who have other important responsibilities besides their jobs. I have felt empowered since the first day I joined the team. Don’t get me wrong—it doesn’t mean I didn’t love my role as a mother. Instead, I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

However, it’s all about balance to keep ourselves in good physical and mental condition so that we can give our best for each role we play—whether as a mother, partner, friend, or even ourselves. I was empowered as a mom, but empowering myself as a woman was also important.

Girl Power Talk is a place that genuinely supports working mothers like me. A place that will not force me to choose between the two most important things in my life: my family and my job.

5 Reasons Why Girl Power Talk Is the Best Workplace for Working Mothers

  • Flexibility

One thing that keeps many mothers from pursuing their careers is that they know, at some point, they would have to sacrifice their role as a mother over something that occurs at work due to their office’s inflexible culture. Especially when the company has a remote-working policy during this pandemic—it’s like a never-ending duty for working moms because their work tends to have no office hours. They would have to fulfill the unrealistic expectation of their job or be forced to join a midnight meeting when they need to accompany their kids to bed while still caring for their family.

Girl Power Talk: 5 Reasons Why This Community is a Perfect Workplace for Me
Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

But that is not what happens here at Girl Power Talk. I don’t have to switch between mothering and working modes constantly. Once, I was in a meeting, and my son suddenly called me in tears because he just fell and I had to pause the meeting and calm him down. Being tailed by my son in the middle of a meeting is my everyday meal, and I believe it happens to all working mothers. It is indeed hard, but Girl Power Talk helps me balance both roles. With remote-working and flexible hours, I can be a full-time mom and pursue my career. Girl Power Talk values my responsibility to my family just as much as my job.

  • Unique Culture

When I say that Girl Power Talk has a really unique culture, it’s true. They value families a lot. Back at my previous workplace, I tended to get confused whenever they asked me to join a meeting, and no one could help me watch my son. But at Girl Power Talk, they allow me to bring my kid to every meeting. 

They do understand my responsibility as a mother. Rachita Sharma, the CEO of Girl Power Talk, even once said in our online meeting, “Why are you sorry for having a family?” when one of our team members apologized for the noises of her little sister in the background. This behavior warmed my heart, and I automatically knew that I’d finally found my place.

  • Work-life Balance

Not just mothers; everybody needs a work-life balance. It’s part of how you maintain your mental well-being. When you’re looking for a workplace with a good work-life balance, Girl Power Talk should be on the top list. They genuinely value our life outside the job, allowing me to have more quality time with my family while still being productive at work.

  • Growth

Our life is an endless road of learning about everything, so it’s essential to have a lifelong learner attitude. At Girl Power Talk, the mentors are not just giving you projects to work on but also guiding you to grow and develop yourself every day.

One of their mission is to help young people reach their full potential. Working at a place supporting your personal and professional growth motivates me to be the best version of myself. It helps me a lot in other aspects of my life as well.

After I gave birth, I was once in a state where I felt like my life had stopped moving while others were moving ahead. That certain period of my life really stressed me out. At one point, I did want to stay at home—accompanying my son and watching him grow every day. But on the other hand, my life felt stuck because I did not seem to have an accomplishment of my own outside of the domestic domain.

Girl Power Talk: 5 Reasons Why This Community Is the Best Workplace for Mothers
Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

When I joined Girl Power Talk, I saw a ray of hope. The growth culture here motivated me to be a better version of myself—to make peace with my mind. And I believe that once I have no grudge against myself anymore, I can be a great mother to my son and my family.

Friendship and kinship do matter in the workplace. It connects you with the other team members, especially when you work remotely. Girl Power Talk knows this and has tried to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated since day one. For example, we have regular online meetings where we can all meet and play games to break the ice and get to know each other better. This place is my second family. And when you see your job as a part of your life—and your colleagues as a family—you really don’t have to choose between those two. 

Women Have the Right to Excel in Every Path They Choose

Girl Power Talk helps me realize that it is not impossible for a mother pursuing a career to excel at both. Girl Power Talk helps me break society’s assumptions: that working mothers tend to neglect their families, have no time to play with their kids, or their kids will lack affection and love.

I know many young mothers out there who actually have skills and potential but are afraid to seize their moment because of many things—the fear of neglecting their family, the fear of people’s opinions, and many more. If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry. Here, you have me, living proof that tells you it is possible for us to have both a family and a career. 


For me, women shouldn’t have to choose between their jobs or families. No, let me rephrase that. Women have the right not to choose between their careers and their families. If we’re working while taking care of our kids, it won’t make us less of a mother.

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