February 20, 2023

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Best is Yet To Come



  • A woman with ambition faces numerous obstacles, including the cost of giving up on her dreams.
  • My secret to success is that life is not only a process of self-discovery, but also a process of creation.
  • Surviving in a patriarchal culture is a challenge for which believing in yourself is the primary asset.

“The fear of an obscure future as our daily lives turn upside down is a moment of realization of the self. The realization of what makes me a true me, myself.” – BTS RM

As a young woman trying to fight the odds in society, sometimes I struggle to figure things out. Over time, I came to realize that our life is a book we offer other human beings to read, either by the words we speak or by the actions we perform. We definitely make mistakes. But those mistakes shall serve as a guiding path to the people around us while our success shall fill them with hope to achieve their own aspirations.

So, make sure the book you’re writing is not just confined to yourself, for that shall take birth and die with your existence. Write it to enlighten people who cross paths with you. The size and context of your experiences won’t matter as long as your consciousness to act as a ray of hope continues to exist.

A Young Woman Surviving the Patriarchal Culture

I had always felt social pressure to thrive professionally, yet every opportunity to pursue my aspirations was denied simply because I was a woman. At least, that’s what society’s customary setup instructs us to believe. Your enthusiasm will not earn you money. Despite that thought, we seek out people and opportunities that will revert in our self investment, and align with our purpose and passion, and so did I.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a time when young minds globally were wondering whether they were the ‘Lost Generation’. There was the notion that Gen Z was the most deprived lineage of human existence. My journey was no exception. It was a daunting task to establish myself as part of the ‘Welcome Generation‘ and to believe that the best is yet to come.


Image Credits: Girl Power Talk


My secret to success is that life is not only a process of self-discovery, but also a process of creation: you are not only learning to understand yourself, but creating yourself anew simultaneously. Therefore, seek not just to find out who you are, but seek to determine who you want to be!

You will meet your best version when you are not even searching for yourself. There is a difference between passion and your personal gifts. It’s all about honoring your inner gift through your passion. You are really defined by your dreams.

Dreaming yet Achieving – Girl Power Talk

During my initial days at Girl Power Talk, I was amazed at how supportive people were here. Women and young people are empowered—my mentors invested in me, both professionally and personally. That is a unique aspect of Girl Power Talk: regardless of my background and past experiences, they consciously chose me based on my skills, knowledge, and merits.

Girl Power Talk introduced me to a culture that embraces all my imperfections and ensures I shine through my struggles. It came as the most unexpected opportunity knocking on my door, especially considering it was the time when the mere thought of how I intended to spend my life haunted me. At Girl Power Talk, it is believed that when we have dreams and ambitions, as well as the confidence to work toward them, they become a reality. The pinnacle of my journey until now has been Girl Power Talk’s investment in my passion, which everyone else refused to believe in.


Image Credits: Girl Power Talk


Even when I talk about how risky pursuing our dreams can be, Girl Power Talk always finds ways to fulfill our aspirations. For instance, by giving me the opportunity to represent not just my work and organization, but also my country in a global research conference on ‘BTS & ARMY: A Road to SDGs and ESG’ track at the 24th Interdisciplinary Korean Academic Society of Business Association Conference in South Korea within a month of my joining has been the greatest experience of my journey.  Another example is leading international client projects in my 20s, which would just have been everyone else’s dream. But, at Girl Power Talk, it’s a reality.

The Ideal Gen Z Workplace Culture

My perception of Girl Power Talk since the day I learned about the organization was very close to my heart. It’s a place I would have always loved to work at. My personal connection with this organization is not only based on the open work culture and the social impact towards empowering women and youth, but also the core values of kindness and empathy. Girl Power Talk is about cherishing each soul’s existence while collectively caring for many others striving to transcend their individual processes.


Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

Working against conventional methods, Girl Power Talk focuses on multiple facets to contribute to the personal growth of those involved. This includes working smart with digital technology and prioritizing gender issues we regularly face in a society, for example. It calls for a strong, determined, and inclusive approach to addressing the problems affecting youth globally.

Girl Power Talk instills its team members with self-confidence and self-worth, a missing factor in many contemporary work cultures. Not to mention how it plays a crucial role in defining the outcome of work productivity. With performance-based opportunities for women to learn and grow in a culture that holistically celebrates minimalist achievement, the need to spread social awareness and the meaning of relationship management is an ethical value to adorn. Peers at my workplace are not only helpful, but they also possess a heart filled with kindness in all their endeavors. Girl Power Talk felt like a long-lost home found at the right moment of my life, and now I’m investing my 20s in the exact way I want.


Image Credits: Girl Power Talk


For me, Girl Power Talk summarizes an organization that promotes empowerment, confidence, and self-discovery. It perfectly aligns with my professional and personal values of loving myself and that every story matters. I believe it is the power of our emotional connectivity which, when redirected to the purpose of serving humanity, will align perfectly with the path we want to walk in life. And that is when we break all the boundaries to achieve the impossible of dreams, making them a reality.

The Best Is Yet to Come

As part of the BTS Army, I believe in the power of my dreams. Give your choices a try and let them guide you through the uncertainties that might lead to your best life. “You are too young to let the world break you,” quotes Kim Taehyung aka BTS V. Indeed, the hardest thing on this planet is chasing our dreams; the easiest one is complaining.


Image Credits: Girl Power Talk


For girls out there who have a hard time believing in themselves, just remember that your determination and willingness not to give up are the wings of your dreams. We must be aware of our dreams to comprehend our passions—that’s how we dream.

You might find yourself hesitating because of what society told you about the patriarchal culture. But when the doubts come, always remember that an independent girl or woman can make an unparalleled investment in her career and life better than anyone else can do for her.


My personality is a synthesis of all the obstacles that prevented me from becoming who I am today. Despite my challenges, I continue to shine. And, if you think that it is just another dream then my readers, it is not.


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