September 15, 2019

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A Talk Through the “Mind-Assets” With Maitri


What is Mind Asset all about and how did it start?

My journey started at a very young age obviously since I suffered from societal bias which deeply reflected in my career opportunities due to my Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. The problem was intrinsic plus personal and I had to do something about it. Then I co-founded Wills on Wheels – an NGO aimed at engag­ing and empowering persons with disabili­ties. It was then that I thought of Mind Assets-A company that will focus on only disabled persons recruitment.

Maitri-Girl Power Talk

You are the Founder and the CEO, as you rightly describe, the “Chief Enthusiastic Officer”of Mind Assets, how do you define such role?

See, you need to get to know me to understand how many things I can handle at the same time. But as for my role is concerned, I am working to change the industry mindset, the candidate confidence level and most of all the attitude within society in general towards people with any disability. I have lived my life to break those glass ceilings and I am hoping to help make that happen for many more.

Having said that, How difficult is it to run such a business?

Very Difficult to run any business! I mean, ask any business person the struggles that their business has to face in the initial few days. They’d know. The small triumphs, the not so successful attempts. But, what makes my business even tougher than others is the fact that my business success is not dependent on just my perseverance alone.

Maitri- Girl Power Talk- Sameer Somal

What would you state as the most strong realization on running your business?

While running Mind Assets, I sensed a great realization that the issue with recruitment that I face everyday is only symptomatic of larger issues that run much deeper. And for that we have introduced several problem solving products within our firm. What we do is that we match the Challenges with the Opportunities and it is a lengthy process in practice!

 How would you like to explain the achievements of this business?

It is still young but ever since its inception in July 2017, Mind Assets has successfully trained and placed several differently-abled individuals based on their merit and is currently being incubated by ‘Riidl’ (the name of ‘Somaiya’s Incubation Cell’), UnLtd India (Incubation for social entrepreneurs). And I have also been among the top 100 start-up finalists at theMaharashtra Start-up Week.

What about your own ride, and what are the lessons for others to follow?

From being a 95% scorer in class 10th to being recognised by President Kalaam as the Young Changemaker in 2015 and then the exciting graph of Mind Assets, it is all a result of my desire and that urge to change something. And my message to all the girls who are disabled would be simply to desire what they want to win. I believe, when you desire it that much, you will automatically prepare that much harder for everything that comes your way! Then ofcourse, there is no stopping.


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