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From Moonlit Dreams to Data Streams: Mansi’s Odyssey at Girl Power Talk

Author: Mansi Sapariya


  • Mansi shares her heartfelt dedication towards women in tech, shaped by her authentic experiences at Girl Power Talk.
  • Stigmas like “women can’t succeed in tech” are mere echoes of the past.
  • Mansi strongly believes that trying is crucial; in both success and failure lie valuable lessons.
  • Mansi has fearlessly embraced her passion for technology, conquering and overcoming health challenges along the way.
  • Professional growth turns into personal transformation when you’re exposed to a healthy work environment.

Women in Tech: Breaking Stereotypes with Girl Power Talk

Women in tech – this subject is very close to my heart. Tech isn’t a boy’s club anymore, and stigmas like ‘’women can’t succeed in tech’’ are relics of the past. Girl Power Talk is not just breaking these stereotypes, it’s shattering them. It’s a judgment-free zone where authenticity is not just accepted but celebrated.

The Spark: C++ in 10th Grade Ignites the Flame

Back in the 10th grade, while most were decoding crushes, I was decoding C++. Coding became my love language and the realization hit me: tech was not just a subject, it was my calling. Despite being a passionate student majoring in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, I steered away from the conventional engineering path and jumped into the Bachelor of Computer Applications, all in for the tech adventure!

Ah, the cosmic twist came with the pandemic! University life went digital, and even yoga became a Zoom affair- talk about stretching the boundaries of online education! But, nothing could deter my dedication. Coding languages became my companions, and projects, my solace.

As college finally resumed offline, I noticed a scarcity of women in the elective course, Networking. Being an advocate for women in STEM, I wanted to change that. But then, serendipity struck and I found my true passion- data! The precision and allure of data stole my heart. With dreams of a master’s in data science in Germany, health issues threw a cosmic curveball. Plans were canceled, but as they say, ‘’And like the moon, we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again.’’

Undeterred, I sought internships to fuel my hunger for learning, and fate led me to the welcoming embrace of Girl Power Talk.


Girl Power Talk: A Home away from Home

From the first interaction to the intriguing second round of discussing my lunar fascination with Sameer Sir, I felt a gravitational pull toward Girl Power Talk. Youngest Data Analyst? Heck yeah! Girl Power Talk became more than just a workplace; it became a sanctuary. The team? More like a family. We’re not just colleagues, we’re friends. I’ve made a thousand mistakes, but the support and guidance have been constant. Despite health struggles and homesickness, Girl Power Talk became my second home.

Data, Excel, and Google Analytics: My Everyday Heroes

In the vast ocean of data, Excel is my trusty ship, and Google Analytics is the compass guiding me back to my coding roots. My first project on Applicant Tracking System (ATS) opened the way to diverse tasks—data scraping, technical management, project management, testing, you name it!

But it’s not just about data. Girl Power Talk has broadened my horizons beyond tech, dabbling in non-tech fields like cold emailing and marketing.

And the best part? Acknowledgement during mental health struggles. As a once camera-shy person, the team helped me break free. The support and encouragement from the team have been instrumental in this journey of constant growth.

Coding Confidence: Unleashing Potential with Girl Power Talk

Girl Power Talk has been my stepping stone in the tech world. To every girl out there, hear me out: follow your heart, pursue your calling, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You have what it takes to excel in the tech industry. The world needs your brilliance, your ideas, and your unique perspective. Stigmas like ‘women can’t succeed in tech’ are ancient history, and organizations like Girl Power Talk are smashing those barriers.


My journey at Girl Power Talk has been nothing short of a moonlit dream turned into a data-driven reality. This article isn’t just my story; it portrays the power of women in tech, the magic of data, and the incredible platform that is Girl Power Talk. My story illuminates the transformative impact of a judgment-free space where dreams thrive and every woman is empowered to break the barriers in the dynamic world of technology.

Mansi Sapariya

Mansi Sapariya is a Young leader and Data Analyst at Girl Power Talk who adores music, computers, and books. Passionate about decoding data, she blends analytical skills with a love for technology and literature. Adding a dash of femininity to the tech world, one dataset at a time


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