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Fiercely Gritty and Earnestly Courageous in the Face of Adversity: Adrika Goyal

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” — Napoleon Hill

Even though I am just 11 years old, I have realized that age is just a number. I do not count my short life on this earth in terms of accomplishments or achievements. Life is a long journey and so far, I am enjoying the ride. I made a conscious choice to devote my time towards the betterment of others, especially women. I am committed to women’s causes and it is my dream to empower them in all possible aspects. With that in mind, I have succeeded in sensitizing and motivating over 32000 kids to be strong and independent by training them in the art of self-defence. My enthusiasm was noticed and I received the opportunity to be appointed as the brand ambassador of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao Abhiyan’ launched by Government of India. Along with my brother, I received an opportunity to meet the Prime Minister @narendramodi and we were conferred with high laurels. This definitely was a memorable and defining moment in my life.


One particular day, this unpleasant incident occurred on a train bound for Chhattisgarh. Some anti-social elements had gathered a violent mob and turned it into a riot-like situation. They’d blocked the tracks and resorted to firing and stone-pelting, targeting the police. My brother and I witnessed the whole thing from the balcony of our house. Without giving a second thought, we gathered supplies in our backpacks and set out to help the trapped passengers without informing our parents. We had no plan in mind, other than reaching the panicked people and offering refreshments.

Somehow, the stories of my bravery and “fierce girl” anecdotes won over many hearts. I am a very grounded as a person. I’m going with the flow of life and quite alright with all this attention as long as it supports how I am able to foster awareness and change people’s lives.

I chose ‘the road, less travelled’ many times in my life. I almost never did what I was supposed to be doing according to established tradition. I believe that when we believe in ourselves and just take a leap of faith, we grow exponentially and become something we never thought possible. Generations of women live their lives, toeing the line. But it is only when you overstep those invisible boundaries that you empower yourself to new opportunities and avenues of learning.

I’ve been through my fair share of struggles in life. These experiences have afforded me a natural of compassion forever ingrained in my heart. I was only 6 when I was involved in a ghastly accident. A gas cylinder blast left my mother with 50 percent burns, while I was heavily injured on both arms and legs. Unwilling to give up, I was determined to resume my Taekwondo practice despite the bleeding burns. I channeled the pain and put my heart & soul in my martial art practice. At 7 years of age, I earned a black belt. I have tried my best to never let any circumstance or adversity define me or the woman I will become. I have always been academically inclined and received an ‘International Gold Award’ in English Olympiad organized by Science Olympiad Foundation during my second grade.  More important than any awards or recognition, I find real purpose in positively impacting the lives of those who cross my path.

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