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How South Asian Nation Created a Platform for Empowering Brown Women | Divya Soneji

What was your vision for the south Asian nation and how has it changed?

My vision for the South Asian Nation was to bridge the gap between diaspora and the homeland, places where our roots and ancestors are from. Before launching the South Asian Nation, I noticed that the diaspora was connected to their roots but no one discussed the problems like casteism, religious issues, rights of the minority, and marginalized communities. With the South Asian Nation, we are trying to change that by raising awareness, education, and starting the difficult conversations around.

Would you like to share one interaction with the south Asian nation community that moved you deeply?

It is difficult to pick one interaction, but every time someone inspires us to learn and do better, we are always open to that. We have learned a lot through our community and we continue to work toward doing better.


Please describe how diversity has helped your team.
Having diverse team members has helped the page to share content that does not belong to just one community. South Asia consists of various religious backgrounds, and we have been very fortunate to find diverse content creators who continue to push the envelope and represent the community like never before.

What are some topics that are close to you personally and also to your page?
Women empowerment, colorism, casteism, minority rights, and sharing voices of marginalized communities has always been very important to us. Along with these, mental health awareness for all genders takes priority.


What is the message you would give to a younger version of yourself or our community of young leaders?
If I have to give a message to my younger self and the young leaders, I would say give yourself grace. People do better when they commit themselves to learning and changing. Be open to criticism, do your own research, and enjoy moments that make your soul happy. Young leaders make this world go around, make sure you keep your mental health as a priority, seek help if you need to. Do good and be fearless.

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