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Towards an Unbounded Motherhood: Meenakshi

“The untold story of a Mama.”

I am blessed with two adorable daughters and they mean the world to me. But my identity is not limited to being a wife or their mother. I am a successful Entrepreneur & Community Advocate/Leader. With empathy and passion, I develop the mental well-being of the motherhood community through my channel @mamauntoldthoughts

After I conceived my first child back in 2016, I experienced a transition in my life. Not every woman receives this chapter positively. Motherhood is a difficult task and it begins when a woman realizes she is pregnant. We hear people talking about how painful the process of birth is, equivalent to breaking 320 bones at the same time. Unfortunately, we sometimes gloss over the myriad of challenges faced during the pregnancy. When I look around, I see women limiting their identities to motherhood. To address this issue, I ideate strategies to reach out and connect with these women and help them see life through a different lens. Through my channel, I represent the realities of mama struggles and engage others to openly bring communication on these subjects to the forefront of conversation.


Before marrying my husband, I participated in fundraising movements that rehabilitated women. I developed a drive inside me to help, connect, and network with more women facing identity crises. After becoming a mother, I am able to foster trust more effectively with other women and discuss the challenges they face in their daily lives. Today, even in these times of uncertainty, I conduct live sessions regularly with mothers around the world.

Throughout this journey, my children have been my most important source of inspiration and motivation. Positivity and a feeling of togetherness are what help me strengthen my mental well-being while also ensuring that my children are truly happy.

People often times ask me how do I manage my time & energy as a mother? It isn’t easy. I believe that when we are inspired enough to protect our personal well-being and commit to achieving true happiness for our families, life finds a way to get us there!

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