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Transforming Africa, One Business at a Time: Glory Enyinnaya

Glory Enyinnaya is an International Business Consultant and a Corporate Change Agent from Nigeria. She created Kleos Africa, Africa’s first online consulting platform which has advised over 300 entrepreneurs. She believes that her company’s practices can strengthen African Institutions and transform the continent.


“In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.”- Mother Teresa of Calcutta⠀

I was 16 when I read an old Harvard Business Review article congratulating the winners of the 1989 Nobel Prize. A thought came racing to me – how can someone work so hard that they are recognized globally for their work? And that day changed the course of my life as I decided that I wanted to be the best I could be and make an impact in my world.⠀

After completing my high school education, I travelled halfway across the country for university. It was hard being away from home. At first, I just wanted to go back – to my friends, my family, and my comfort zone. I often thought of giving up. But I was determined to succeed and resolved to let nothing stop me.⠀

My education at the university was serious business for me. I toiled for at least eight hours a day, avoided all distractions and rarely ever missed a class lecture. It was tiring, but I knew it would be worth it in the end. My efforts were rewarded when I graduated as the class valedictorian and also received an amazing investment banking job offer.⠀

I worked for a few years, and a conscious thought started bothering me: I had met my professional goals but made little progress towards my personal ones. I yearned to make an impact and change the world, just like those Nobel Prize winners I have always revered.⠀

Most people may not ever see Africa as the host of the world’s most established business empires, run by smart and skilled professionals. I shared my vision to change that reality with a close friend and she replied with these unforgettable words, ”Sure, we have a long way to go but who better to help lead such an ambitious goal than you, Glory?”⠀


In the course of my management consulting career, I came across the concept of Change Management. We teach that one of the core responsibilities of business leaders is to create a vision for a brighter future before selling that vision and then delivering upon commitments that will achieve it. Change Management does this by integrating seemingly diverse activities, including but not limited to, communication, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and organizational readiness assessments. In a nutshell, a change manager enables transformation.⠀

This was it. I channeled all my energies, became a corporate change agent and made it my personal goal to help all the companies I work with reach their optimal state. I loved my job and I found purpose in dedicating myself to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential.⠀

I went back to school and got an MBA and started my own consulting firm – Kleos Africa. Since its inception, Kleos Africa has helped over 350 small and medium enterprises. I have found harmony and satisfaction in achieving my goals when my clients achieve theirs.⠀

This company was the key for me to be able to tie my professional skills with my personal goals for making a difference. I’m available to advise and mentor aspiring and current entrepreneurs through the Kleos Africa platform.

I see the progress unfolding and more businesses thriving over the next several years. I will steward my country’s expansion and continue to drive the change I’ve been working so hard to catalyze.⠀

It isn’t easy being in this business. Everyone wants to make it big. But my philosophy will always be – Big achievements come one small contribution, one conversation, one step, and one day at a time.⠀

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