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I Work on the Back End but Shine on the Front End



  • The secret sauce to building a prosperous company is the ability to harness brilliant minds and rally them towards a shared endeavor.
  • Coders and others in the technical field are often thought of to have an inability to communicate confines them to working behind the screen.
  • At Girl Power Talk, the range of skills a team member possesses isn’t limited to their experience or educational degree.
  • Our members both represent the company from the front end and build it from the back end.

The secret sauce to building a prosperous company is the ability to harness brilliant minds and rally them towards a shared endeavor. Girl Power Talk’s vision is to break the bias of a male-dominated technology sector. Through equal distribution of opportunity among women, nonbinary individuals, and feminist male allies, the company’s top innovation is its diverse human resources. Only 26 percent of the world’s computing jobs are held by women, yet excellence in STEM subjects is not biologically determined. Grounded in its feminist values, Girl Power Talk takes a front seat in the tech revolution by building a gender-inclusive workspace. 

Using non-traditional methods of hiring that focus on applicants’ potential contributions rather than past experience, Girl Power Talk has created a futuristic organization. The company is transformative in its ability to empower team members with critical back-end tech skills in SEO, UI/UX, web development, reputation analysis, and customer support, while simultaneously developing them into well-rounded individuals who can work on the front end, as well, in public relations with international clients, represent the company, and contribute in its branding and expansion efforts.

“This model of working across departments to gain proficiency in multiple areas helps people develop confidence, leadership, and skills that are otherwise hard or impossible to obtain,” says Girl Power Talk’s CEO, Rachita Sharma. “The model cultivates well-rounded and empathetic leaders. We recognize their best abilities and give everyone a fair chance. Our unique approach gives team members the spark of confidence needed to push boundaries and outshine one’s capacity.” 

Khushboo Mishra, a senior business analyst, considers her greatest professional achievement the confidence she’s gained in her abilities. “I started out timid and unsure of what I was capable of. I can now articulate my strengths and weaknesses with clarity. This self-awareness is borne out of the bravery to try everything at the beginning of my journey here, as well as the leadership believing in me enough to give me the opportunities I needed to become the confident professional I am today.”

In addition to core responsibilities in SEO, Khushboo regularly handles calls with potential prospects and existing clients. She describes her interest in working with Girl Power Talk as being so strong that when she joined, she didn’t specify the role she wanted to be placed in, but was willing to work wherever the company thought suited her. Khushboo has participated in Girl Power Talk’s branding activities and was featured in a video describing describing the work culture and how it offers unique opportunities to youth especially women: Bridging the Gender Gap Through Our Innovative Culture

I Work on the Back End but Shine on the Front End-Khushboo Mishra-Girl Power Talk
Khushboo Mishra speaking at Girl Power Talk’s conference.

The collaborative environment of Girl Power Talk is fostered by a constant feedback loop between the senior members of the team and the rest of the organization. Team members are not limited or defined by their job titles. This absence of bureaucracy keeps the organization nimble. 

Maria Osorio, a marketing associate whose primary responsibility is building the sales pipeline, attributes her exponential growth to this unique quality of Girl Power Talk. “I work directly with Sameer Somal and Rachita Sharma to build the sales and marketing pipeline. I regularly receive constructive feedback from them that doesn’t devalue my abilities. Rather, it infuses me with knowledge. Sitting in on client calls with Sameer and Rachita and participating in top sales courses paid for by Girl Power Talk has given me the training needed to market the company to prospective clients and meaningfully engage with high-net-worth individuals.”

When you think of a coder, a lot of stereotypes about their personality come to mind. A common stereotype is that an inability to communicate confines them to working behind the screen. Karan Jain, a web developer, and UI/UX designer, is the antithesis of this image of a coder. He exercises his creative muscle by sketching in his free time and translates his passion for art into web design projects and branding activities at Girl Power Talk. His satisfaction at the opportunity to explore his creative freedom is evident in his smile—which colleagues say brightens up the workplace.

Karan is an introvert by nature and doesn’t deny he has difficulty striking up a spontaneous conversation with someone new. He, however, doesn’t let this stop him. Throughout his time with the company, he has nurtured the art of effective people skills through the careful mentorship of Sudhansu Batra, Chief Operating Officer at Girl Power Talk, who gave him tips on how to prepare for meetings with clients. In order to stay sharp during client meetings, he first does his best to fully understand the task at hand and drafts questions that will help the client open up, so he can get a full picture of the clients’ needs. Having a list of questions prepared also helps him to stay focused during meetings.

I Work on the Back End but Shine on the Front End-Karan Jain-Girl Power Talk
Karan and Jesse working on our website’s back-end during Girl Power Talk’s international meet-up in the Philippines.

Fundamental to the ethos of Girl Power Talk is an investment in the professional development of its members. Marion Nekesa, a marketing associate, thought she had reached the pinnacle of her career as a communications graduate. However, she has had her assumptions pleasantly disputed by the rich culture of learning at Girl Power Talk. Primarily engaged in community engagement for one of our high profile clients, she can see her skills grow in the use of technological tools and Google products. Many people would just imagine her as the person behind the screen when they go online, but she is much more than that; she manages content from writers around the world, contributes to social impact activities and develops online reputation management course material.

Marion Nekesa, leading one of the Girl Power Talk’s social impact initiatives in Kenya.

The range of skills a team member possesses isn’t limited to behind the scenes. Both Khushboo and Marion are strong public speakers who have also guest-lectured at universities that partner with Girl Power Talk.

As the pillars who make Girl Power Talk what it is, every key member on a project is given the full credit deserved. This way, Girl Power Talk provides optimal digital solutions to its clients without compromising the contribution of the individuals who do the heavy lifting. To ease the pressure of responsibilities that team members take on, a growth mindset is cultivated that isn’t solely results-oriented. It is based on lessons learned from the experience of working on a project that can be passed on to another team member through peer-to-peer mentorship.  

This is truly a remarkable thing to see because it is not common in regular corporate culture and technology companies to witness dynamic individuals who not only have their work cut out for them on the back end but also shine on the front end. Where personal and professional development and enhancement of both soft and technical skills of team members is given priority. That’s what makes Girl Power Talk an unstoppable force.


Girl Power Talk is a company with a vision to break the bias of a male-dominated technology sector. Girl Power Talk has developed a cutting-edge company by employing unconventional hiring practices and a unique work environment. One where you can explore your many passions and you are not restricted to one department. At Girl Power Talk, your work will shine through no matter where you are working from.

Rachita Sharma

CEO, Girl Power Talk Rachita Sharma is a technology entrepreneur, financial literacy advocate, and gender rights activist. Rachita is the CEO of Girl Power Talk, a purpose-driven organization empowering today’s most capable youth with the confidence, knowledge, and opportunity to become tomorrow’s global leaders.


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