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5 Things Indian Kids Can Relate to About Career (Meme Version)


Whether you’re 13 or 30, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard some career advice by your beloved aunties and uncles that transgress time. These classic career advice haunt you like the spam messages to some online store you don’t remember subscribing to! And of course we are told to follow our dreams and make our own decisions, but trying out engineering or medicine at least once is not too much to ask, is it? 

Here are a few things that you’ve possibly heard at least once in your life if you’re an Indian student!

“We Want at Least One Doctor in the Family!” – It Perhaps Doesn’t Get More Desi Than This Line.

While being a doctor is an absolutely great profession, the truth is that it is not for everyone no matter how noble the profession is. It is always best to invest in an area of your interest rather than giving in to pressure of choosing a career entirely for money and/or social status.


“Just Get Into IIT. Your Life Will Be Set.”

 While most parents want the best for their kids, the generational gap often affects the priorities of the latter while choosing a career. The idea of passion and career is new to older generations who had to work for survival. Our best bet is to communicate our goals to them and work diligently towards them, with proof of what’s possible.


“Don’t Worry, Beta. If You Search Properly, You Will Find a Real Job Soon.”

While freelancing has been around for ages, there has been a massive boom of freelancers especially after the pandemic. While it has started becoming a popular career option for youngsters because of its flexibility, the concept of freelancing is not taken seriously by our elders. They often see it as a ‘temporary thing’, a side job until you get a stable 9 to 5. 

However, with the right strategy and skills, freelancing is a great career option if you’re someone who likes to work for yourself and despise the rigid 9 to 5 structure.


Indian Parents: “You Can Be Anything You Want to Be! Your Choices Are Unlimited- Doctor, Engineer and IAS Officer.”

The formidable three career options that have become immortal in Indian households. It’s hard to argue against them when your entire family is convinced that success is spelt as three career options. Sometimes all you can do is shrug it off and move forward living your version of a successful life.


“You Want to Become a Singer? Isn’t Singing a Hobby?”

Perhaps most Indian parents’ worst nightmare is their child aspiring to be an artist of some sort. While the arts are praised greatly, they are mostly seen as hobbies to be enjoyed in one’s ‘free time’ and not viable career options. However, successful artists have paved the way for future artists.

5 things Indian kids can relate to about career (meme version) 3

That’s it from us, folks! 

We hope these memes had you chuckling and going “Me too!.” Stay tuned for more relatable and fun content.

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