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      We are building a global team of changemakers. Our young leaders learn, grow, gain opportunities, and create impact across the board. Our unique model allows individuals to gain technical skills, confidence, make lasting relationships, win mentors, while purposefully giving back to their communities. Most importantly, together we have fun and make a truly understanding support system for each other. Apply today to be part of this dynamic family.

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      Story of Ramin Mohammad: Recalibrate and Rebalance Life
      Early Years of My Life Between Me and My Initial Definition of Success Rebalancing My Life: Knowing My Limits and My Desire Advices for the Youth Overview Creating a value system is important and so is trusting your potential. Setting limits and understanding when to step back and when to reinvest is the key to happiness. Prioritize and take care of yourself. Learn to set boundaries and create a value system. Learn to trust your instincts. Early Years of My …

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      Redirecting My Dreams with Girl Power Talk: Yani Tabunan
      Living with Hope The Reality of Having Big Dreams My Blessing in Disguise: Girl Power Talk Overview: Yani Tabunan shares how she found Girl Power Talk despite going through major disappointments in life. This article shares the importance of having dreams because they are what keep us going forward. Dreams transpire a sense of accomplishment. Self-belief is the ultimate gateway to your dreams. Living with Hope I think it's pretty cliché to start my story with, "I am a small-town …

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      Creating Opportunities by Inclusivity: Kat Gordon and The 3% Movement
      A Movement for Representation Creativity and Criticism Importance of Inclusion Advice to Community Overview: Don’t be afraid to dream about achieving something different and unique—something that hasn’t been created yet. Trust your own individual values and pursue what you love. Inclusivity is key to any organization, and every member of the community needs to be heard and represented when decisions are made. How did the 3% movement start? As a child, I didn’t think I would get to where I …

      Creating Opportunities by Inclusivity: Kat Gordon and The 3% Movement Read More »

      Sheroes: A Celebration of Freedom and Courage
      Be a Real-life Shero A Lively and Soulful Getaway The Future Looks Bright Overview: Sheroes personify a determination to live-for oneself and be independent. Acid Attack survivors continue to fight societal prejudice. A coming of age story that inspires and triumphs. Beyond the beauty of Taj Mahal, the city of Agra offers a blend of solidity and compassion through Sheroes. The art of finding one's purpose and living life through it really gives one a reason to shine. Sheroes, as …

      Sheroes: A Celebration of Freedom and Courage Read More »

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      Stories connect us across generations and geographies. Your unique story of becoming who you are can inspire another in intangible ways. We are interested in your journey and recognize that your struggles and successes define you. We are all ears and wish to amplify your growth. Share your story to reach the youth. You have the power to motivate. Together, we will empower the next generation of leaders.