February 21, 2024

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First Month Chronicles: One Month in the World of Girl Power Talk



  • Starting a new job brings forth various feelings and expectations.
  • The culture at our workplace largely defines our experience.
  • Working with others builds us as individuals, and leads to success.

“Congratulations, you’re on board!” These words of affirmation brought a blend of emotions within me— excitement, anticipation, and a touch of nervousness. Like a new character in a TV series, I was making my debut as a Young Leader at Girl Power Talk. The organization’s mission to empower young individuals and foster positive change through merit-based opportunities resonated deeply with me. Joining Girl Power Talk wasn’t merely taking on a job. It was embracing an opportunity to collaborate on meaningful transformation—a role I was eager to embrace. As I begin this journey, it is only right to reflect on the reasons that brought me here. This article is a reflection on my expectations for the first month in the world of Girl Power Talk.

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The Prelude to a New Adventure

Before stepping into the world of Girl Power Talk, my life was a mixture of academic pursuits and career aspirations in the field of architecture. As a grad student, I aimed to broaden my creative horizons and artistic expression. In turn, I would channel experiences into a fulfilling architecture career. Yet, a nagging feeling told me I could do more. This realization solidified when I came upon Girl Power Talk on Facebook. Their message of social change and youth empowerment spoke to my soul.

The application process became an exercise in introspection as I wrote my personal narrative and convictions into the questionnaire. Each question gave me something to ponder upon. Hitting “submit” filled me with a sense of fulfillment. I got to genuinely express my story and vision. This initial step led to a first interview, followed by subsequent interactions with fellow Young Leaders. The exchanges were positive from the very start, even in the first month.

The Adventure Begins

Stepping into Girl Power Talk on my first day marked a new chapter in my life. From my initial encounter with the team, it dawned on me that the reality was as promised. Young Leaders showed genuine interest in getting to know me. In the first three days, I received messages from five individuals, each checking in to inquire about my well-being and offering assistance. The warmth and camaraderie I felt at the time affirmed the strong collaboration woven into the fabric of Girl Power Talk’s culture. A sentiment that’s impossible to fake!

The onboarding week unraveled like a well-choreographed routine, introducing me to the world of Girl Power Talk. The orientation content served as a comprehensive guide, revealing the organization’s narrative, values, and social engagement. My favorite part of it was the “People We Admire” (PWA) interview videos, where various guests shared their stories and personal commitment to reshaping societal norms within their communities.

A significant part of my onboarding story is the guiding star that was my onboarding buddy. A seasoned member of the team who took the role of a mentor, friend, and guide. Their thoughtful gestures and willingness to share went beyond the job description. My onboarding buddy played an integral role in smoothing my transition into the world of Girl Power Talk.

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The Learning Curve

My first month ushered in new responsibilities, ranging from crafting my first article and participating in the PWA series to engaging in a nascent project. Each task felt like empowerment in action. As I tackled these tasks, I felt a heightened sense of responsibility to contribute to Girl Power Talk’s success story.

Navigating Girl Power Talk required adaptability and a certain readiness to absorb information at a steady pace. The swift flow of information required me to develop a streamlined approach to learning. I soon fell into a systematic routine to simultaneously handle the various tasks. This practice came naturally to me, and I turned multitasking into a game.Drawing from my architectural schooling, my skill of task prioritization proved invaluable in meeting deadlines. Weighing the significance and scope of each task became second nature, guiding me in dividing my efforts. Communication, a pillar of success at Girl Power Talk, paved the way for effective collaboration on team assignments. Regular engagement with fellow Young Leaders, involving seeking clarity, sharing insights, and soliciting opinions, amplified the collaborative culture. I distinctly recall when I was assigned my first article; I felt a sense of uncertainty. But after seeking guidance from a colleague, they committed their time to ensure my questions were answered thoroughly . These interactions not only deepened my understanding of Girl Power Talk but also highlighted the significance of collaboration.

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Discoveries and Insights

As days turned into weeks, I got valuable insights about the company. First was the diverse pool of talent that permeated Girl Power Talk. Every interaction, whether in meetings or otherwise, unveiled the depth of expertise harbored by each Young Leader. This spanned from content writers to game developers, a testament to the organization’s devotion to nurturing each team member’s distinctive talents.

A transformative moment that deviated from my expectations in my first month was when I was invited to join the search engine optimization team. This experience illuminated the fact that I was not confined to a predefined job description; I could achieve more. The possibility of inter-departmental collaboration meant I would not fall victim to monotony—which had been a genuine concern for me.

Reflecting on my journey thus far, I am convinced I’ve experienced personal growth. This self-development was intrinsically intertwined within my engagements with fellow team members. Sharing ideas, conducting research, brainstorming, and executing tasks collectively made me more receptive to the concept of the bigger picture.

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Lessons for the Journey Ahead

The most important lesson I learned in this first month is the significance of collaboration at Girl Power Talk. This element forms the foundation of the company’s vibrancy and vitality. Collaboration isn’t solely for the sake of personal growth but it is also a cornerstone of professional development. It hones decision-making acumen, adaptability, creates connections, and opens avenues to greater engagement. Collaboration, in essence, forms a fundamental pillar in the organization’s ethos.

From my personal first month journey, I offer my biggest advice to all embarking on a fresh journey at Girl Power Talk, or any organization in fact. It is to adopt a receptive attitude that embraces new ideas and perspectives, and cultivates a mindset of continuous learning. This involves a conscious commitment to steady improvement—a choice that enhances your personal experience. Go a step further, proactively contribute ideas, seek solutions, and engage in ventures that enrich your journey.

In an organization as diverse as Girl Power Talk, fostering an open mind goes without saying. This practice nurtures a culture of empathy, dialogue, and understanding. At Girl Power Talk, we champion an environment that celebrates individuality, free from the confines of judgment.


As I stand reflecting on my first month at Girl Power Talk, I acknowledge the transformative journey ahead. Brimming with enthusiasm and aspirations, I anticipate the unfolding of newer chapters of my journey in the world of Girl Power Talk.

Sikama Sekenwa

As a dedicated writer, Sikama lends his voice to tell the stories that need to be heard. He holds a firm belief in the transformative power of words and channels his passion into compelling narratives. His goal is to use the art of storytelling to create a ripple effect of positivity, progress, and education.


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