November 1, 2023

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Contributing to Shaping a Better Future for The Next Generation



  • The next step towards a successful future is sustainable learning and environmental literacy. 
  • Who says you can’t be colorful? Celebrate pride through various forms of self-expression.
  • Fashion & Gen Z go hand-in-hand to elevate the purpose of  innovation, growth for the youth of tomorrow. 
  • Political rights are vital to understanding more about human rights. 
  • The future is finance—cryptocurrency and the investment for the future.

“You can only really build something new if you destroy the old” – Karl Lagerfeld

Today, we live in a glamorously turbulent global community. The wave of mega-trends, including rapid change in technological advances, are creating fresh market forces. 

Innovation has been humanity’s main task throughout history. The innovation and creation approach in different aspects of human life have evolved since the inception of globalization and modernization. The purpose of innovation is much more profound than just creating greater customer value. It now encompasses creating an environment that supports better life quality. Individuals, groups, communities, industries, and the world at large benefit from these aspects of innovation and creation. 

The following are ways in which ruthlessly ambitious individuals can contribute to shaping a better future for the next generation:

Sustainability and Environmental Literacy 

Corporations, educators, and governments must prioritize sustainability and environmental literacy to facilitate the power of innovation. Despite already having a strong foundation of sustainable knowledge, younger generations crave more engaging ways to receive such content. 

Organizations can aid the fight against climate change by reducing the cost of sustainable lifestyles to encourage more widespread adoption. Gen Z and Gen Alpha would need to play a pivotal role in being part of conversations relating to the adoption of sustainable practices for various industries and reversing the impact of climate change. Gen Z is now shifting towards a ‘Green Lifestyle’, following ‘Green’ TikTok trends by maneuvering around hashtags such as: 

#Climate awareness and education, #Leading sustainable lifestyles, #Protecting nature and restoring the planet, #Waste reduction, #Thrifting & sustainable fashion.

Aesthetic background full of innovtion in the banner stating less less new co2
Image Credits: Unsplash

Reigning Inclusivity & Diversity

Morphing over the years, teenagers have chaperoned from being innocents to malt shop boppers, hippy protesters, latchkey kids, all the way down to today’s digital natives. They have a fresh and appealing perspective towards the varied aspects of this vibrant reality. They have a sense of immortality when it comes to their footprints in today’s world. Inclusion and diversity are an apt facet that is taken into account by the astounded youth.

Young adults have become an integral part of the evolving future through segregated forms of self-expression. Fashion, a semblance of innovation and ever-growing creation, for instance, holds high regard in the modern industry since people often exhibit their emotions, ideas, sensations, and identities—which are intangible by being passively equivocal about them. To be more inclusive, the fashion industry needs to be cognizant of what representation truly and affirmatively means and how it relates to the struggle for inclusion and diversity.

Thanks to the advancement of ideologies as the prime agenda, people have been able to come together in defiance of their varied differences, gender, sexuality, abilities, and body image in recent times. 

A monochrome image capturing a multitude of individuals raising signs, showcasing and projecting to save dreams and innovation amidst the crowd.
Image Credits: Unsplash

Power in Politics

Young people’s interconnection with politics is complex and problematized. They do not subscribe to traditional political strategies. They care about many issues, making it vital for each of them to promote such an equilibrium. Politically betrothed young people from all political and civic backgrounds use social media every day for information sharing, mobilization, and to make their mark in political spaces. 

Since 2015, young people have been on the frontlines of human rights and environmental movements, leading climate strikes across various countries and in the March For Our Lives movement in the United States. Postsecondary students across the world are addressing political challenges, for instance, affordable education and counter-terrorism. Young adults, fluent in digital tools, have significant power and presence in online conversations which makes them a political force to be reckoned with.

One day, we might no longer have smooth and steady access to social media due to varied futuristic algorithms. However, it is our primary duty to support and delegate such important matters as symbolic learning experiences for our children. This would ultimately assist us in creating a better future for them.

A woman engrossed in reading a newspaper on a couch, showcasing innovation in her approach to staying informed.
Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

Financial Literacy – The Future of Magnificent Investment 

With the emerging need for financial stability in the modern world, it stands evident that we should inculcate healthy investment practices. It is vital for the young generation to develop financial literacy, through which they can learn  about wise investing, finding a balance between risk and profit, and avoid financial fraud. 

For instance, since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity and are collectively worth over $1 trillion today. In the span of a few trodden years, they have grown from digital novelties to trillion-dollar technologies with the potential to disrupt the global financial system. They have carried forward the idea of evolved innovation and creation in the financial world. 


Simply put, Gen Z is now the face of the planet. They represent unity and the reality of our shifting global culture. They are more naturally equipped to lead and govern in a multi-power, blended, niche world and expect the same from the workplace and the government. The representation of beauty and glamor through forms of self-expression which indicates inclusivity and diversity is important to them. Sustainability alongside environmental literacy is an indispensable choice of concern. To them, the power of politics is a splendid walk towards the attainment of just and fair rights for all. 


The world-class scenario of a pragmatic future for the next generation is wild. The future is an advent of the ‘roaring twenties’ reversed.  The next generation has been set apart to create superficially glittering alterations for their future. The future of finance is yet another facet taken into account for a massively decorated future for them. Henceforth, promoting innovation in the field of financial guise and creation towards a hefty investment for the future.

Samaira Choudhary

Samaira is a quintessential writer who has adapted a sense of classical literature into writing. As the saying goes in Français, “Soif de vivre”, essentially elucidating to—Lust for life; Substantially, she believes that being a humanitarian is more than just a diadem that everyone must wear with elegance. Her truest form of self-expression is depicted through timeless pieces of glamorous, mystical, rhythmic dark history. She radiates confidence through going Old n’ Classic in Vogue.


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