October 30, 2023

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A Glimpse Into a Developer’s Journey at Girl Power Talk



  • Upashana shares her journey of shedding her comfort space and exploring the tech industry through Girl Power Talk.
  • Women in tech have come a long way but still have a long way to go.
  • She stresses on following your guts and the importance of a flexible and supportive work culture. 
  • Upashana underscores the global requirement for increased female representation in STEM fields.
  • An organization thrives when it fosters a workforce that genuinely uplifts and stands by its members.

Emerging From the Cocoon

Growing up in a small village in the Indian state of Assam, where women in technology are a rare phenomenon, people live a slow-paced life.I grew up in a small village in Assam where women in tech were a rare phenomenon, and life was slow-paced.  I always imagined myself exploring the outer world. It seemed scary, but I was ready for all the adrenaline. Guwahati, the capital of Assam, India, provided me with a much larger worldview, but I couldn’t shake this feeling that something was missing.




As a child, I was fascinated with computers. Back in those days, having a computer in any household was a fancy affair. Owing to my interest in the world of computers, I decided to pursue a degree in IT (Information Technology) and later celebrated this decision. Over the years, my connection with computers evolved into a career in Web development. 

In terms of technology, Assam was (and still is) relatively undeveloped. Opportunities for web developers and other technical professionals were scarce, and the prospects for growth were minimal. I spent my whole life living in Assam and exploring new territories scared me. Initially, I began my career as a school teacher in a government school. This experience taught me the value of giving back but left me craving job satisfaction. 

Goodbye to the Safe Haven

Even today, it remains a relatively uncommon sight to find women actively engaged in the field of technology—not just in India, but across the globe. However, things are changing for the better. It is an underrepresented industry filled with bias and a lack of role models. This fact always bothered my deepest core and eventually motivated me to make a difference.


Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

Owing to a lack of opportunity in my state, I started working as a computer teacher. However, I continued to search for opportunities, driven by a strong desire to contribute more.

After months of self-doubt, I was finally ready to come out of my comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar. Honestly, there is a serious dearth of organizations that value and earnestly promote women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). While researching career opportunities, I came across Girl Power Talk: a purpose-driven organization that prioritizes equality and promotes it proudly. This young social enterprise is bridging the gender gap in STEM by advocating for women in technology authentically. A flexible working environment combined with the freedom to explore and lead new ideas motivates you to give your best. 

Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

Establishing a Firm Ground

For many aspiring workers, including myself, compatibility with an organization’s culture is a top priority. It took hardly a fraction of a second to embrace myself for a new journey. Following my initial interview, I was skeptical about being selected as I was shaky due to an emotional trauma. I perceived it as a deterrent.

To a mutual feeling of shock and excitement, I was hired as a web developer. The confidence shown in me from the very beginning has made me learn, grow, and achieve many triumphs. Most employers do not dig deeper into individual aspects of growth. However, Girl Power Talk proved its uniqueness by offering multiple avenues for both professional and personal growth

Everyone’s journey and career trajectory has its challenges. Mine had too. Life becomes easier when people around you believe in your potential. One incident that shook me for the good was when my CEO said, “I want you to come to the office and explore since you have never been outside the state and we think you have the ability.” This was the push that I needed at that point in my life. 

Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

Reaping the Benefits of Mentorship

Before joining Girl Power Talk, I felt trapped in a cycle of self-doubt. The faith and trust that the mentors place in their employees is incomparable. Alas! The transition has been real. Beyond attaining technical prowess, I rediscovered self-confidence. 

From viewing even small Web pages as a challenge to exploring the MERN stack, I have indeed come a long way. This is courtesy of solid mentorship and a drive to do more. I feel blessed to be surrounded by a supportive group of professionals who trained me without judgment. Even in moments of missteps, they have always supported me.  

Over time, I have realized that productivity is not only about achieving daily tasks but also tracking your growth. The workaholic energy at Girl Power Talk inspires you to learn new technologies and do challenging tasks. It is a direct testament to a working culture that provides you the space to outgrow yourself. This nurturing culture has helped me to follow my passion and validate my love for Web development. 


Beautiful—a word that has unfortunately been synonymous with women—can now take a backseat. In 2023, women are and must be addressed as bold, confident, and intelligent. I always wanted to be this version of myself and I feel good about where I stand now. Girl Power Talk has encouraged me to explore my potential and bring the best out in me. It’s not just a workplace; it’s where work becomes truly enjoyable. 

Standing true to its name, women in technology must benefit from the opportunities that are provided at Girl Power Talk to hone their skills and learn. Women are born leaders. All we need is a platform that values our talent, recognizes our potential, and paves the way forward. From my experience, I’d suggest to all the women out there to take a leap of faith, move out of their comfort zones, and trust your gut feeling.

Upashana Khargharia

Upashana writes from the heart. She channels her upfront nature into writing that is simple, yet impactful. When she isn’t coding, she loves eating and traveling.


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