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Finding My Path: A Journey From Uncertainty to Empowerment



  • Tania Chahal shares her struggle about feeling lost and uncertain about their future
  • The article talks about being unfulfilled professionally but finding light at the end of the tunnel
  • Finding a workplace culture that values individuality and community can make all the difference in feeling happy and content
  • Discovering a sense of belonging with Girl Power Talk.

The Never-Ending Confusion

I had just graduated with no plans for what’s next, and the pressure had gotten to me. As is typical for a recent graduate, I was feeling lost and unsure about my future. Fluctuating between anxiety and confidence, there were days I felt I would be left behind. While on some other days I encouraged myself – it might take some time but I would find my path. 

I made the decision to seek out internships in several fields to identify my interests and skills, but after three months of working in different roles, I still didn’t feel fulfilled or engaged. Nothing excited me and I was considering choosing the safest career option even though I knew I found it extremely boring. 

The Breakthrough With a Glimmer of Hope

When I stumbled upon Girl Power Talk, I was idly browsing a portal for internships. I came across a Public Relations role, read about the organization and was intrigued by its mission. Being a Sociology graduate who has studied in detail how stereotypes about women affect them, especially in a country like India, joining an organization that empowers women seemed like a dream.

I was a little hesitant to read the application form because it was so thorough. However, I later reasoned that, if a company is taking this much time to find its employees, there must be something remarkable in it. Choosing to give it a shot, I never expected to get a call back because I didn’t think that my answers were great.

The interview process was thrilling. It was all about me, the individual. The team actually showed an interest in my identity as a person, my ideals, my viewpoints, and my uniqueness. I was tired of giving skill-specific responses to organizations that I knew would make me feel like a machine, so it was a breath of fresh air. 

The process was enlightening and introspective. Even though it was an hour-long interview with the leadership team, it really felt like I was having a friendly intellectual conversation with fellow companions.

Tania Chahal in Girl Power Talk Merchandise
Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

The Start of Something Special

I was not let down by claims that the workplace culture is nothing short of a fairytale. Despite having worked as an intern in various places, the welcome I received was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Most of the members took the time to get in touch with me and check on how I was feeling. Everyone seemed like a potential wonderful friend, rather than a competition. 

It was evident to me that I am in a setting that encourages individual development, community, and especially solidarity. I came to understand how crucial it is to be comfortable around your coworkers. This contributes to both a joyful and productive work environment.

The overwhelming part was being welcomed by the co-founders and CEO too, who assured me I could talk to them about anything. It’s uncommon for an organization to give you the impression that it could be your second home, but this one does. 

The fact that they trust young people to manage projects of high responsibility is the best aspect. Young leaders are given a lot of independence and responsibility rather than being inspected through a microscope. You become aware of your own potential.

Living the Dream

I am currently working across verticals and exploring different domains like HR, social impact, PR, etc. and it has been a whirlwind. It is never monotonous and the team is always open and supportive. I’ve always thought that the more restricted an identity and line of work you choose for yourself, the more you’ll feel trapped into a fixed role. Your inner potential and even external opportunities may be blocked by it.

Girl Power Talk recognizes this as well and invites you to keep searching for who you are and growing.

It can be challenging to strike the ideal balance between making money and serving others, working hard while building genuine connections.  With Girl Power Talk, I have been able to achieve satisfaction with the work I do.


This essay explores how after graduating, embarking on a journey of self-discovery can be a tumultuous experience filled with a range of emotions, from anxiety and uncertainty to hope and fulfillment. It is essential to keep an open mind, keep on exploring and never give up on finding the right place that aligns with your values and aspirations. Remember that sometimes the only way to find the light is to go into the tunnel of the unknown, and trust that the journey will lead you to where your heart and mind feel at home.


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