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Donning Two Hats Effortlessly: A Guide to Managing Multiple Careers



  • Managing two or more careers deserves recognition and self-appreciation.
  • Time management is an art and it is real.
  • Take that much-deserved break to rejuvenate. 
  • Appreciating yourself more isn’t a bad thing after all.
  • Avoid jeopardizing your schedules by planning your days.

Achieving an Equilibrium State

Striking a balance between multiple careers while enjoying the privilege of a personal life can seem daunting or even just a mere dream for many. For most working youth around the world, a preconceived career option is already defined for them. It’s unfortunate that most individuals’ futures are already designed—without their consent. 

Additionally, many workplaces enact policies discouraging or restricting their employees from working elsewhere. This limits an individual’s creative potential, resulting in a plethora of unsatisfied workers.

There are varied reasons why people choose to work two or more jobs simultaneously. Some do it to gain skills or experience, while others just wish to increase the zeroes in their bank accounts. However, there is an underlying myth that managing multiple jobs is detrimental to one’s overall well-being and causes one to become cantankerous. 

Kuldeep Girl Power Talk: Striking a balance between multiple careers
Image Credits: Girl Power Talk

Passion Drives Excellence

Professionals now embrace diverse income sources, rejecting restrictive norms for personal growth and enrichment. There’s no harm in multiple income sources if passion allows smooth juggling. 

If career transitioning is a trend, are you ready for a new one? Pursuing multiple careers motivates individuals to follow their passion without limitations. Below are some ways that only reinstate this thought. 

  • Time management is a myth
    Pursuing multiple careers requires a clear mindset and awareness of multitasking challenges, which are often considered tricky for many people. It certainly needs a skillful hand in time management, and we all know that efficient time management requires dedication and a clear agenda. With procrastination spreading like wildfire, sticking to a schedule is the newly found epidemic. This has led to many people degrading the concept of time management. Fortunately, practical ways exist to manage time effectively in juggling multiple roles — it can be simplified by planning your day and prioritizing tasks. Juggling multiple roles can be simplified by planning your day and prioritizing tasks.
Diary with calenders and goals to manage multiple career schedule
Image Credits: Pexels
  • Secure platforms that promote flexibility
    COVID-19 normalized remote work, prompting ‘quiet quitting’ among individuals. For the unversed, quiet quitting involves discreetly juggling jobs to evade breach of contract and other consequences from the primary company. However, due to COVID-19, juggling jobs is a diminishing phenomenon. Today, platforms that offer flexibility and transparency to don multiple hats are gaming momentum. It is important to work with organizations that value and support your personal and professional growth.
  • Healthy work-life balance
    Working nonstop without breaks is abnormal. However, managing time off when juggling multiple jobs can be tough, but it’s essential. Nowadays, companies prioritize work-life balance as they recognize its importance in achieving improved outcomes. Therefore, taking breaks is crucial to avoid burnout and sustain optimal performance in all roles.
Group Discussion
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  • The triple-c dilemma
    Humans rely on communication to acknowledge our limitations, as we aren’t machines. The triple-c dilemma arises from overcommitment and impractical deadlines. In any job, it’s crucial to communicate strengths, negotiate, and maintain transparency when unable to meet deadlines due to multiple projects or unexpected circumstances. This helps to build trust. Excellent communication between colleagues will help to build trust within the workplace.

Applause and Rewards

In this competitive world, we often fail to recognize or appreciate ourselves enough. The fruits of hard work and perseverance should invite a celebration of one’s prolonged efforts and discipline for managing multiple careers. Yes, you deserve that break or holiday to rejuvenate your mind and regain the passion toward what you do.

Kuldeep pant with a drawing in his hand
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Maintaining a consistent level of commitment and a high standard of work at one’s main job is imperative; you wouldn’t want a secondary job to undermine your performance or relationships at your primary job. Until you decide to change your career or start a job elsewhere, your main job should remain your first priority.


Implementing the above steps can help you gain perspective and win the multitasking game; the secret is to be your own biggest cheerleader and supporter. Each person only has one life—make yours large and memorable.

Kuldeep Pant

Kuldeep is a bonafide believer of practicing gratitude and enthusiasm in his writing process. He uses his voice and knowledge to talk about things that matter and works as a Senior Associate in the Media and Content Department at Girl Power Talk. Among his many endeavors, he wishes for a world that is equal, fair, and sensitive.


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