September 13, 2023

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Mostapha’s Journey of Balancing Dreams and Reality



  • The serendipitous discovery of my passion and the warm welcoming team of Girl Power Talk.
  • We all strive for something and the extraordinary is found not in great gestures and big tasks but in simple acts of goodness.
  • Girl Power Talk is a defining milestone in my journey.
  • Discipline and determination along with love and faith help us find the path towards achieving our dreams and goals.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.  

I’m the Associate Director for Digital Branding and Strategy at Girl Power Talk. I like to define myself foremost as a member of Girl Power Talk as being here has significantly shaped my life. I’m reticent and rather prefer living my story than elaborating on it. However, if you are looking for someone to have deep conversations with, I am definitely the one.

Like any other individual, I strive to find my passions and bring joy to the ones I love. Believing strongly in discipline, commitment and actions, I hold my virtues high and have confidence in my beliefs and values.

Finding a perfect balance allows me to continuously progress, grow and remain grounded. With an adventurous and adaptable nature, I like to spend my free time hiking and jogging.


2. What role does Girl Power Talk play in defining your identity?

Hailing from the Middle-East, I draw parallels between the work culture in Lebanon and the global intercultural and hybrid work culture at Girl Power Talk. Reflecting on my experience here, I invite you to imagine a unique culture where you have the chance to connect with people from across different countries and age groups, collaborating with a team of vibrant young professionals.

It is a place where learning and teaching go hand in hand, where you discover both support and the freedom to lead. One of the best things about the team is their unwavering support for my visions and aspirations. They create a sense of belonging, providing an environment where I can discover my true potential, a place where I can be my authentic self.

With a background in electronics and IT, my expertise encompasses SEO and NOC, UI and UX design and I have a penchant for tinkering with electronics. Thanks to the opportunity given to me here, fueled by my curiosity and eagerness, I persist to bridge the gap between my dreams and reality.

Determined to learn and contribute, I continue my journey as a member of Girl Power Talk with dedication, humility and an immense gratitude for the love and support I receive here.

3. How did you discover your passion for SEO and UX design?

For me, SEO and UX design are my true passions and subjects of interest with whom I would happily spend the rest of my life. But how did I stumble upon the love of my life? It was a serendipitous encounter for I had no inkling that my curiosity coupled with the support I received would lead me to find what I truly love doing.

It all began with a simple question that Rachita ma’am asked me: “Do you want to learn something new?” I responded, “Yes, I want to learn about SEO.” And that is how I was introduced to the world of Search Engine Optimization. Although I initially joined as a designer, my curiosity and determination led me to learn and acquire new skills.

I owe this transformation to the fluid and friendly culture fostered at Girl Power Talk. Rather than remaining stagnant within my comfort zone, I found myself venturing into uncharted territories that challenged me to grow.


4. What inspires you to pursue your dreams and be a part of Girl Power Talk?

I draw my inspiration from words that provoke me to soar high, and as I quote these lines, there is a passion in my eyes, a smile on my face and a glow in my heart that lights up when it finds what it has long been seeking for: “How big would you dream if you knew you could not fail?” Yet behind these ambitious, lofty dreams, there lies a modest and shy soul, hesitant to share much about himself and his journey.

We all yearn for something and the extraordinary is found not in grand gestures and monumental tasks, but in the simple acts of everyday kindness. Girl Power Talk is like a defining milestone in my journey. Being a part of this remarkable team of Girl Power Talk, makes me feel special and confident for who I am.

5. How has Girl Power Talk helped nurture your vision and faith?

I joined Girl Power Talk during the unprecedented times of the pandemic and it helped me see the essentials of life, discerning what truly matters amidst the chaos of life. Religion and faith offer a sense of solace and tranquility to me, as I can entrust my worries about the future to God’s hands.

I firmly believe that wherever you are in life, at any stage or phase, you possess the power to take action and shape your journey. I believe the outcome is beyond one’s control and hence I believe and invest in actions. Without commitment, you cannot embark on your journey; and without consistency, you cannot fulfill your destiny.

Discipline and determination along with love and faith help us find the path towards our dreams and accomplish our goals.


6. What is your greatest fear, and how do you cope with it?

This very process of divulging my life story scares me! Dah, just kidding. Well, what truly scares me is losing my loved ones, my family and the people I hold dear. I keep precious moments and little things too close to my heart, and even the thought of imagining a moment without them instills a wrenching pain.

I do understand that such is the nature of life and it is about finding forever in this ephemerality of time. That is why I live wholeheartedly in present moments and soak in them completely. When I go ahead, I can replay these memories in my mind and live through them again.


Here at Girl Power Talk, besides finding the right career match for myself, I have also found the right family to work with. I’m grateful for the wonderful moments and remarkable people I have met here. Some milestones don’t just mark your journey but transform it, and you only know it when you turn back and see.


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