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July 19, 2022

My Journey to Business Success & Life Purpose


My Journey to Business Success & Life Purpose

July 23, 2022 Online

My Journey to Business Success & Life Purpose 

Mentorship Session with Marie Beane, Director IBM

The world offers room for everyone to succeed in their life purpose—but youth need inspiration, guidance, and opportunity. Identifying a mentor or friend who understands you and helps you become the person you want to be can be difficult. At Girl Power Talk, we are committed to helping young people discover their passion, develop skills, and achieve their goals.

Join Marie Beane, Director IBM, for an interactive conversation hosted by Girl Power Talk’s co-founder, Sameer Somal. Our mentorship community is revolutionizing opportunities for young leaders by hosting interactive events and matching them with successful people. Learn how Marie overcame challenges in her journey at IBM. Marie and Sameer will provide practical insight into advancing your career and becoming the best version of yourself.

Session Objectives: 

  • Interact with our global network of like-minded leaders and professionals. 
  • Highlight strategies for navigating fast-paced and demanding corporate cultures such as IBM.
  • Understand how to earn a mentor and why such precious relationships underpin career advancement. 
  • Learn how to deliver results and earn promotions on merit at work.
  • Discover tips for accelerating your career, refining your purpose, and attaining true happiness.
  • Review the fundamentals for building stronger personal and professional relationships. 

Presentation and discussion will be followed by an open Q & A with Marie and Sameer.

Registration Details

Venue : Online
Registration-Date : Closed
Timings : 06:30 PM IST
Fee : Free

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