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June 10, 2022

UI/UX design


#GPT Competition

UI/UX design

July 10, 2022 Online

UI/UX design is the process that renders new technological advancements accessible to the masses worldwide. It is the factor that decides what internet browser or apps you use and which of these apps you keep going back to. Interactive design is crucial for any company or individual looking to have a lasting impact on the techno surplus world we live in.  

Our Design competition aims to provide individuals an opportunity to express themselves in the world, grow their skills, and develop as creative confident human beings driven by passion and purpose. 

“Design is intelligence made visible.” – Alina Wheeler

Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with Figma or Photoshop.


  • Design a landing home page for Girl Power Talk with a fresh look and different prespective.
  • Use Girl Power Talk’s brand colors from our website.
  • Include the vision and mission statements from our website.
  • Document research and brainstorming to provide us insight into your work process. 

Basis of assessment: 

  • Design style: Relevance of your design style to the product and target audience.
  • Color palette: Fluidity of the colors chosen according to the design style and target audience.
  • Typography: Choice of font and its suitability for the selected design style.
  • Responsiveness: Interactiveness of your design.
  • Design process: Detail and brainstorming that went into the design.

Apart from an opportunity to work with our team, we also have some other cool prizes for the participants such as:

  • All qualifying participants will get official certificates issued by Girl Power Talk.
  • The top 10 contestants may get a direct interview opportunity to apply for a full-time/part-time or paid internship position at Girl Power Talk.

The top 3 will be awarded cash prizes as follows:

  • First position: 10000 INR
  • Second & Third position: Course subscription or exclusive merch (based on preference)

Registration Details

Venue : Online
Registration-Date : Closed
Submission-Date : July 22, 2022
Timings : 12:00 AM IST
Fee : Free

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