Decoding Adulting Experiences, ft. GenZs

August 16, 2022

2 minutes read

What is hard? Growing up or being a grown up? Beginning our passion-filled series with a big elephant in the room:Adulting. In the process of growing up, one feels a gazillion emotions and by the time you are an adult, it’s like all those experiences decide to party in your head every night you go to sleep. It is like a rom-com action comedy-drama stage show where every emotion hastily comes and performs their sets but doesn’t leave. Been there, done that? We feel you!

Rachita Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of Girl Power Talk, and the host of the podcast talks to 5 young, independent, talented and diverse women who come from different backgrounds, but share many similarities irrespective of the geographical and cultural boundaries. Their sole purpose behind starting this series is to share real stories that connect to a huge pool of like-minded people who believe in making a difference through their voice by using it to speak about issues that genuinely matter.

In the very first episode, they touch upon several issues related to Adulting such as misconceptions about adulting while growing up (14:39), the need to be diplomatic as adults (22:11), enjoying solitude (37:33), and their advice to young children who are adulting as per their experiences (51:38).

What actually differentiates growing up from being a grown-up is the fact that with the latter, you are expected to imagine or pretend to ‘act’ a certain age. The process of ‘growing up’ is mostly a weird mix of restricted minds and liberating actions. Quite hysterically, the opposite of this is when you become a full-fledged adult.

A grown-up has responsibilities; everyone is looking at them, judging them for every decision they make, every step that they take. Unceremoniously, everything just matters so much. And then the Internet quotes facts like ‘age is just a number’ and ‘one never stops learning’. So, if growth is learning—learning from mistakes, learning from experience, learning from your own journey—the idea of letting the child within us live and embrace making mistakes deserves some attention too.

Therefore, defining a stage where you call yourself a “grown-up” is not really possible. Adulting is subjective and is a natural process. Growing up is hard for some and merry for others. Veritably, our childhood experiences shape us into becoming the people that we end up becoming. Then comes the worst part: competition, insecurity, and a zero analysis of who we are and what our relationship with ourselves is. A sad reality that we all experience as adults is our inability to manage time, handle societal pressures, and challenge traditional concepts of existence. The list is endless.

Total Time: (56:53)

Host: Rachita Sharma
Participants: Jasmita Shah, Victoria Cesar Velazquez, Kurtney Garcia, Trisha Sinha
Editors: Neel Patki & Noorain Saleem


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