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Women-Centric Legislation in India

The Pervasive Prejudice: Women’s Unequal Position in Society Constitutional Safeguards Women in the Workplace Marriage, Children, and Abuse (Sexual and Non-Sexual) Legal Reforms Women & Law A Call for Collective Action on Women's Rights in India Overview: Today, various legislation addresses social traditions and expectations that historically placed women in inferior positions. The Indian Constitution provides several safeguards for women's rights, including provisions for equality, protection from sexism, and the right to life with dignity. While progress has been made, …

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Debunking Truth About Feminism - Girl Power Talk

Debunking Myths about Feminism

The Evolution of Feminism Debunking Myths Overview: Feminism as a concept is not new, and neither are the mistaken beliefs about what feminism means. The idea of feminism pushes people to question and challenge inequalities. Although the meaning is quite straightforward, the movement of feminism is often polluted by misconceptions. The word was introduced in the 19th century, by French socialist Charles Fourier, who used the French word féminisme to describe his vision of the emancipation of women. Over time, as women’s …

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Am I a Bad Feminist?

What is Feminism? 7  Things Feminists Should Not Be Guilty About Overview: Feminism is not a set category with a checklist to tick off to determine whether one is a good or a bad feminist. Being vulnerable is not a question of one’s feminism. Letting men pick up loads does not mean women are weak. Femininity and feminism are not antonyms. Having Religious Faith and Celebrating Culture is not against the ideals of feminism. Feminism is about respecting the choices …

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I Work on the Back End but Shine on the Front End

Building a Learning Culture Breaking Stereotypes Leading the Way for a Better Future Overview The secret sauce to building a prosperous company is the ability to harness brilliant minds and rally them towards a shared endeavor. Coders and others in the technical field are often thought of to have an inability to communicate confines them to working behind the screen. At Girl Power Talk, the range of skills a team member possesses isn’t limited to their experience or educational degree. …

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The Gender Bias Tendencies of Educational Institutions

The Skewed Part A World Tour of Gender Biased Experiences Taking a Stand The Skewed Part These are one of the many classic examples of minor gender bias in our educational institutions. Even with lifting chairs, our teachers unconsciously assume that it's too laborious for girls to do it. That they would need someone strong, like a boy, instead of girls.  Gender bias is the acts of preferring one gender over the other. They are usually rooted in stereotypes such …

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How to Deal With Sexism and Smash the Patriarchy at Home

Patriarchal Prejudice 4 Ways to Deal With Sexism At Home The Patriarchy Hurts Everyone Overview Sexism refers to “prejudice or discrimination based on sex” and “behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.” Despite the feminist movement, people still have attitudes and behaviors that show a belief of the male gender being superior due to an underlying bias of our patriarchal society. Most people are unaware that their behavior reflects internalized sexism and misogyny. If …

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Girl Power Talk-People We Admire-Shuchi & Sachreet

Shattering Unrealistic Beauty Standards: Shuchi & Sachreet

Envisioning an Equitable World Beginning of a Close Friendship Launching Power to Her Walking Toward the Path Ahead “You only get to live life once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” We were both born in India and felt the effect of patriarchal issues from an early age. It's very hard to change people’s mindsets when they are the product of systems that are thousands of years old. Seeing injustices at an early age is what initially …

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How Contemporary Young Women Are Defying Societal Age-Normative Timelines

Age-Normative Pressures Surrounding Women Redefining Adulthood Milestones A New Approach to Having It All From the time they were little girls, society has been reminding women that time moves differently for them, and that they should make hay while the sun shines because, apparently, they depreciate with age. Growing up, girls are constantly reminded of the fact they mature sooner than their male counterparts. Although this is true with regards to brain development, our youth-obsessed society makes women feel as …

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Educating the Community: One Child at a Time | The Vision of Drishti Kharbanda With Sarvani

Childhood in a Punjabi Household Journey in Femininity Challenges Along the Way Vision for Sarvani Message for the Youth “Social work pays in something worth more than money. It gives you a purpose to live.” My childhood played a big role in shaping who I am today. My family, like most Punjabi households, had a patriarchal system. I am the second daughter followed by a younger brother. When my brother was born, I distinctly remember aunties saying to my parents, …

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