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Associate, Content & Media, Girl Power Talk As a communication student, they thrive on making educational content accessible and fun for the audience. Possibility is endless and only be limited by how one’s mind sees, for them, making changes starts from the passion.

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Sustainable Fashion vs Fast Fashion

The Horror of Fast Fashion Sustainability—Not Just Fashion, It’s a Lifestyle Overview In the current era of following trends, fast fashion has become the norm.  However, fast fashion results in overproduction and a massive waste of cloth and labor, causing harm to the environment.  A better alternative is sustainable fashion, such as using handmade garments, thrifting, donating and trading. In the lightning-speed internet era, we are exposed to the world and the idea of authenticity. With this in mind, we …

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What Is the Key to Happiness: Paycheck or Passion?

For a young person entering the working world, certain pressures can make choosing a career path daunting, if not downright overwhelming. Even if we are brave enough to imagine an illustrious mission for our future selves, the little voices in the back of our minds soon bring us back to daily reality. The loudest of those voices wants to talk about just one thing—money. This article was originally published on humancapitalonline. Read more
Happy Employees

Why You Should Invest in Your Employees’ Well-Being

Introduction- Why Employees' Well-Being is Important Five Forms of Well-Being Forge a Personal Connection Provide, Aid and Listen! Generate and Motivate Encourage Growth and Advancement Communicate Clearly Remove Disruptions Cultivate a Positive Environment Be Generous with Praise Foster Connections Promote Physical Wellness Happy Employees Mean Productive Employees! As employers, we understandably want to get the best out of our employees. We invest considerable time and effort into hiring and training, and we try to identify the right person for each …

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