Reann D'souza

Associate, Marketing & PR Reann D'souza is a passionate reader and writer who finds joy in sharing her thoughts and ideas through articles. Her writings often reflect her feminist beliefs and advocates gender equality. In her pursuit for inspiration, Reann turns to everyday things from nature and art to people and culture.

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Hustle Culture: Have You Got It Right?

Understanding Hustle Culture Risks of Over-Participating in Hustle Culture Breaking Away from the Comparisons Achieving a Balance: Setting Limits and Pursuing Passions Overview: Hustle culture refers to a work-focused lifestyle that values constant productivity and success.  To avoid the negative effects of hustle culture, it's important to avoid comparisons, find an outside interest, and establish clear boundaries.  Doing your best, rather than striving for someone else's definition of success, is key for a healthy and fulfilling life.  Pursue your passions …

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The Folklore of The 20s: Stop Running At Others’ Pace

Being Engaged Before Turning 30 You Are As Good as Who You Were as a Student It’s Okay To Sacrifice Your Health for Money If It’s Not Now, Then It's Never “At what age are you planning to get married?” “How many kids do you want in the future?” “What kind of wedding do you dream of?” I have been asked these questions numerous times as a teenager and I know you have been too. I answer these questions with …

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