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Associate, Content & Media, Girl Power Talk As a communication student, they thrive on making educational content accessible and fun for the audience. Possibility is endless and only be limited by how one’s mind sees, for them, making changes starts from the passion.

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Sustainable Fashion vs Fast Fashion

The Horror of Fast Fashion Sustainability—Not Just Fashion, It’s a Lifestyle Overview In the current era of following trends, fast fashion has become the norm.  However, fast fashion results in overproduction and a massive waste of cloth and labor, causing harm to the environment.  A better alternative is sustainable fashion, such as using handmade garments, thrifting, donating and trading. In the lightning-speed internet era, we are exposed to the world and the idea of authenticity. With this in mind, we …

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Do it Now: 6 Practical Ways to Beat Procrastination

Victims of Procrastination The Reasons Behind Procrastination Ways to Overcome Procrastination Overview: We have all fallen victim to putting off tasks until the last minute. Contrary to popular belief, procrastination is not always due to laziness. To beat procrastination, you must first understand its causes and come up with practical ways to mitigate it. This article highlights six practical ways to stop procrastinating and start getting work done. According to research, 15–20 percent of adults are chronic procrastinators, and one in …

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