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Yna Cortes

Associate, Marketing and PR, Girl Power Talk Yna is an easy-going, spontaneous and strong woman who appreciates and tries to live life to the fullest. Living in a busy city, she considers running errands and shopping as her therapeutic activities.

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The Folklore of The 20s: Stop Running At Others’ Pace

Being Engaged Before Turning 30 You Are As Good as Who You Were as a Student It’s Okay To Sacrifice Your Health for Money If It’s Not Now, Then It's Never “At what age are you planning to get married?” “How many kids do you want in the future?” “What kind of wedding do you dream of?” I have been asked these questions numerous times as a teenager and I know you have been too. I answer these questions with …

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I’m Twenty, I’m Single, That’s Okay

No Boyfriend Since Birth Reality Check I Am Enough for Myself I was fooled into thinking that I was a loser because I was never in a relationship while in high school. Of course, no one was force-feeding me these thoughts. It’s really no one’s fault but my own. My favorite film of all time is ten things I hate about you. It’s about a high school nerd who, in order to date the girl of his dreams, pays the …

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