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What We Won’t Miss About Online Studies—and What We Will


We often miss our schools when we are in college. We miss our prayer time, teachers’ childhood stories, wandering in the corridor, and many more things. But online school changed everything overnight. It must be a nightmare to some and a sweet dream for others. For human’s sake, Covid-19 slowed down and we got the opportunities to get back to our normal routine with little extra care, though. Let’s get into a ride of online classes memories and dive into the unwanted nostalgia to know what are the things we would not miss about online classes for sure and what we would.

What Would We Not Miss?

Girl Power Talk - What We Won’t Miss About Online Studies—And What We Will 2
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Lack of Concentration on Class

Online classes are good until we get the chance to switch off our camera. No matter how interesting a topic is, it was ruined by the online class format and concentration on it was not just difficult but very hard literally. Even sometimes teachers felt bored and ended the class before the time. Effects of online classes on our eyes, ears, and posture issue aren’t something to forget about. 

Online Class Beginning Went Wrong

Everytime we joined the online class via the teacher’s given link, we had to wait for everyone else to join to start the class actually. The most frustrating thing about online classes is that no one waited for us when we joined late. That awkward silence after a gap in between the replies from others because of network issues and it horrified us that if we have said something wrong or offended in class by mistake and that’s why the second person is not responding because you never know. 

Teacher’s “Am I Audible?”

In offline schools, when our teachers enter our class, we used to sing “Good Morning” and the teacher nodded and permitted us to sit down. But online classes changed the roles. This time our teachers always had to greet us with “Am I audible, students?” Hahahaha…though we often stayed silent to prank our teachers and all they could do was to ignore us or scold us a little bit. However, it’s something that we won’t miss because we missed here our morning prayer part where everyone met, the Good morning teacher’s part, and many more. 

Group Projects but Single Handedly

We all hate projects (unless we are a topper) but when it comes to group projects, we all start to choose and make the list of the people we would be involving in our group project team but online classes snatched this part of our happiness too. It wasn’t like that we didn’t get the group projects anymore, but in different time zones or different parts of the country or even world this time. Online classes were fun until we lost contact with our friends that we loved to enjoy during lunch breaks and off time. 

What Would We Miss?

Girl Power Talk - What We Won’t Miss About Online Studies—And What We Will 3
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Pyjama Fashion

This is the most true thing we all would accept that no one liked to wear tight clothes while taking long hour classes sitting on the bed, chair, or floor. Therefore, we made our own Pyjama Fashion. We enjoyed our Pyjama Fashion most because of its comfortable space. If nothing, then we would surely miss our Pyjama Fashion or loose clothing style in offline classes for sure. 

Making Excuses to Attend Class Late

Attending the classes late became our daily norm where we either prepared to bear the next few hours of hard concentration or just cried that we would have to take classes anyway. Though, we were happy because we could make excuses of different kinds that could be understood easily like we woke up late, internet issue, phone battery down, and many more. We know that these are the things we would miss in our offline classes but will have to remember that we can’t make such excuses anymore. 

Not Opening the Camera and Mic When There Is a Quiz Going On

Quizzes and tests are often horrible for everyone even though we know we can easily pass the test. To avoid this, online classes helped us by giving us the features of switching on our mic and camera. But we used to make fun behind the mic and say sorry while the mic was on. Teachers knew our tricks sometimes and sometimes not. But we don’t have this feature in offline classes anymore. We can’t switch our camera off to yawn, drink water, and breathe a long breath.

Doing Everything Except Taking Online Classes

Our phone’s background had every screen except our online class. We knew the time of attendance and switched on our camera & mic only five minutes prior to this time. Our background covered YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, and every other app that we didn’t use even casually. Listening to online classes along with music in the background was kind of disturbing but nostalgic now.

We all know that we would miss everything related to our online classes but still would not miss the horrible experience that we had in the real world. We pray that online classes never come back with world adversity at least. 


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