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Rachita Sharma

CEO, Girl Power Talk Rachita Sharma is a technology entrepreneur, financial literacy advocate, and gender rights activist. Rachita is the CEO of Girl Power Talk, a purpose-driven organization empowering today’s most capable youth with the confidence, knowledge, and opportunity to become tomorrow’s global leaders.

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I Work on the Back End but Shine on the Front End

Building a Learning Culture Breaking Stereotypes Leading the Way for a Better Future Overview The secret sauce to building a prosperous company is the ability to harness brilliant minds and rally them towards a shared endeavor. Coders and others in the technical field are often thought of to have an inability to communicate confines them to working behind the screen. At Girl Power Talk, the range of skills a team member possesses isn’t limited to their experience or educational degree. …

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Girl Power Talk-People We Admire-Shuchi & Sachreet

Shattering Unrealistic Beauty Standards: Shuchi & Sachreet

Envisioning an Equitable World Beginning of a Close Friendship Launching Power to Her Walking Toward the Path Ahead “You only get to live life once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” We were both born in India and felt the effect of patriarchal issues from an early age. It's very hard to change people’s mindsets when they are the product of systems that are thousands of years old. Seeing injustices at an early age is what initially …

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