Simran Singh

Content Writer, Girl Power Talk Simran is a staunch intersectional feminist and an advocate of gender equity. She loves going back in time through books, finds solace in the written word, and cherishes genuine relationships.

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Am I a Bad Feminist?

What is Feminism? 7  Things Feminists Should Not Be Guilty About Overview: Feminism is not a set category with a checklist to tick off to determine whether one is a good or a bad feminist. Being vulnerable is not a question of one’s feminism. Letting men pick up loads does not mean women are weak. Femininity and feminism are not antonyms. Having Religious Faith and Celebrating Culture is not against the ideals of feminism. Feminism is about respecting the choices …

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I Work on the Back End but Shine on the Front End

Building a Learning Culture Breaking Stereotypes Leading the Way for a Better Future Overview The secret sauce to building a prosperous company is the ability to harness brilliant minds and rally them towards a shared endeavor. Coders and others in the technical field are often thought of to have an inability to communicate confines them to working behind the screen. At Girl Power Talk, the range of skills a team member possesses isn’t limited to their experience or educational degree. …

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Pop Culture Moments That Served Women Are Invincible

Taylor Swift Reclaiming Her Life’s Work Because It’s Cheaper Shonda Rhimes. That’s It. Fearless Inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary Female Rappers Breaking Through the Male Swag Most Mindful Make-Up Line Overview Women continue to struggle to find accurate representation and equality in the media industry. Rap, being considered a masculine genre, has degraded women into sexual objects. The efforts of female rappers to liberate women and collaboratively work to uplift and promote their talents exhibit our capability to flourish in male-dominated …

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It’s Manly to Be a Feminist

What Being a Feminist Actually Means Feminism Is Not Just Women’s Work Gender Equality Improves Men’s Lives, Too How Men Can Make a Difference as Feminists The word feminist can send many men into a cold sweat. Often, feminism is maligned in the media as radical, angry women making noise or claiming they don’t need men. Too often, men think feminism is only a women’s issue and that they should avoid any connection with it, positive or negative. Some fear …

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