Gender Equality

Nitya Gupta

Associate, Digital Branding & Strategy Nitya loves exploring the diverse perspectives of life through a subtle blend of passion and persistence. She finds inspiration in BTS, the biggest Korean boy band group, and enjoys writing and traveling while nourishing her inner child through the process.

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Best is yet to come - Girl Power Talk

Best is Yet To Come

Young Woman Surviving the Patriarchal Culture Dreaming yet Achieving – Girl Power Talk The Ideal Gen Z Workplace Culture Shine. Dream. Smile. Overview: A woman with ambition faces numerous obstacles, including the cost of giving up on her dreams. My secret to success is that life is not only a process of self-discovery, but also a process of creation. Surviving in a patriarchal culture is a challenge for which believing in yourself is the primary asset. “The fear of an …

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Should I Come Out?

Do You Need to Come Out? Advantages and Disadvantages of Coming Out Am I Happy to Have Come Out? Overview: Coming out or not is a decision every LGBTQIA+ person needs to make at some point. There are good reasons to decide to come out, but also to decide not to. There are both advantages and disadvantages if you decide to come out. Coming out is an empowering process, but it should always be a personal choice. As a teenager, …

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Harnessing the Power of Ambition With Lynn Anderson

Be Proud of Your Opportunities The Lifelong Learning Attitude as a Leader Level Up the Self-Esteem: Know Your Worth Overview: As a leader, continuous learning is key to Lynn Anderson’s success story. It’s important to be open to change, especially in ourselves. Mistakes are normal. They make you learn and be better. Always listen to feedback—that way, we can learn and evolve. But, don’t pay much attention to people who try to impose their views on us. Know your worth …

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India’s Untapped Resource: How Investing in Women Can Change the Economy

Three Factors Keeping Women Out of the Workplace Investing in Women Can Lead to Overall Economic Growth Foundational Education Opportunities for Girls Educational Opportunities for Adult Women Men Closing the Gender Gap at the Workplace A Boost Beyond the Rupee Overview Women make up 48% of India's total population but only 9% of the workforce post-pandemic. A well-paying job is the ticket to independence and self-sufficiency for women in India. Investing in women can lead to overall economic growth. One …

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Sheroes Celebrating Freedom and Courage

Sheroes: A Celebration of Freedom and Courage

Be a Real-life Shero A Lively and Soulful Getaway The Future Looks Bright Overview: Sheroes personify a determination to live-for oneself and be independent. Acid Attack survivors continue to fight societal prejudice. A coming of age story that inspires and triumphs. Beyond the beauty of Taj Mahal, the city of Agra offers a blend of solidity and compassion through Sheroes. The art of finding one's purpose and living life through it really gives one a reason to shine. Sheroes, as …

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Gender Equity and Deversity Girl Power Talk

Why Gender Equity and Diversity Matter for a Successful Business

Why Is There a Need for Change? Why Are Diverse and Inclusive Teams Still a Rarity? How Can Workplaces Foster Inclusivity? Overview: According to studies, businesses hoping to keep growing need to inculcate the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their business. Having homogenous teams leads to a loss of talent, innovation, and opportunity for growth. However, equitable teams are still a rarity because of comfort-zone practices and structural challenges. Some simple steps can begin to break through this …

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