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Kauthar Wangi

Associate, Marketing & PR, Girl Power Talk Kauthar Wangi is a Young Leader and Marketing & PR Associate at Girl Power Talk. She is very passionate about social impact and is currently running a non-profit that empowers women and youth in Uganda. She is focused on growth and development of both herself and other people, so she is always reading books that cover different subject matters relating to growth. She takes an approach of no conviction as she reads and comprehends these books. In her free time, she is trying out food recipes or working on jewellery.

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Addressing the Healthcare Crisis: The Dire Need for Doctors in Uganda

Fund A Future Doctor In Uganda Consequences of Doctor Scarcity in Uganda Integrating Social Impact and Medicine Future Prospects of a Young Dreamer Overview: Uganda has been facing a significant healthcare crisis due to a shortage of doctors. Lack of access of medical care in remote areas has led to significant consequences for the population. Integration of social impact to provide quality education in medicine can improve access to healthcare services. Quality and accessible healthcare is a basic necessity for …

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Hustle Culture: Have You Got It Right?

Understanding Hustle Culture Risks of Over-Participating in Hustle Culture Breaking Away from the Comparisons Achieving a Balance: Setting Limits and Pursuing Passions Overview: Hustle culture refers to a work-focused lifestyle that values constant productivity and success.  To avoid the negative effects of hustle culture, it's important to avoid comparisons, find an outside interest, and establish clear boundaries.  Doing your best, rather than striving for someone else's definition of success, is key for a healthy and fulfilling life.  Pursue your passions …

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Best is yet to come - Girl Power Talk

Best is Yet To Come

Young Woman Surviving the Patriarchal Culture Dreaming yet Achieving – Girl Power Talk The Ideal Gen Z Workplace Culture Shine. Dream. Smile. Overview: A woman with ambition faces numerous obstacles, including the cost of giving up on her dreams. My secret to success is that life is not only a process of self-discovery, but also a process of creation. Surviving in a patriarchal culture is a challenge for which believing in yourself is the primary asset. “The fear of an …

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Geetha Balagopal- People We Admire - Girl Power Talk

Transforming Pain and Heartbreak Into Advocacy: Geetha Balagopal

A Tribute to Priya Priya's story Our Mindset vs. Mental Health Priya's Message The Rising Suicide Statistics Rising From Mental Health Issues Overview People who decide to end their lives are in immense pain. Suicide is a permanent outcome of a decision of a tortured mind. Mental illness is difficult because it’s like fighting a battle that your mind convinces you is not actually happening. People facing suicidal depression or bipolar disorder or anxiety deserve to navigate their illnesses with …

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6 Ways to Create a Happy and Productive Workplace

Introduction- Ways to Create A Happy Workplace Mutual Understanding Trust Tools Fair Compensation Opportunity to Grow Purpose to Grow Apply to Girl Power Talk Today The logic is clear. When people at work are happy, they tend to be more productive. While employers may have no control over how happy employees are in their personal lives, they can certainly make concerted efforts to provide a pleasant workplace. Mind you, it’s clear to mature, professional people that the office is not …

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Happy Employees

Why You Should Invest in Your Employees’ Well-Being

Introduction- Why Employees' Well-Being is Important Five Forms of Well-Being Forge a Personal Connection Provide, Aid and Listen! Generate and Motivate Encourage Growth and Advancement Communicate Clearly Remove Disruptions Cultivate a Positive Environment Be Generous with Praise Foster Connections Promote Physical Wellness Happy Employees Mean Productive Employees! As employers, we understandably want to get the best out of our employees. We invest considerable time and effort into hiring and training, and we try to identify the right person for each …

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