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Shaheena Kishnani

Sr. Associate, Marketing and PR Shaheena is a big believer in living your best life every day. She uses storytelling to voice out her thoughts and feelings. From her own nook filled with many empty cups of coffee and unread books, she hopes to bring a positive spin on talking about mental health, free of society’s judgment.

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you are a warrior-girl-power-talk

You Are A Warrior

Who is Jobelle? How it All Started? Overcoming Her Challenges Where Jobelle is Now? Overview: Jobelle Ponta-oy, a stage 4 cancer amputee talks about her story of life and its struggles She trusts that God always has a plan and her faith keeps her strong She maintains strong relationships with people who lift her up  Being a part of Girl Power Talk reminds her to continue on; everything has a purpose. In Jobelle’s words, ‘Faith it until you make it’. …

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Women-Centric Legislation in India

The Pervasive Prejudice: Women’s Unequal Position in Society Constitutional Safeguards Women in the Workplace Marriage, Children, and Abuse (Sexual and Non-Sexual) Legal Reforms Women & Law A Call for Collective Action on Women's Rights in India Overview: Today, various legislation addresses social traditions and expectations that historically placed women in inferior positions. The Indian Constitution provides several safeguards for women's rights, including provisions for equality, protection from sexism, and the right to life with dignity. While progress has been made, …

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Debunking Truth About Feminism - Girl Power Talk

Debunking Myths about Feminism

The Evolution of Feminism Debunking Myths Overview: Feminism as a concept is not new, and neither are the mistaken beliefs about what feminism means. The idea of feminism pushes people to question and challenge inequalities. Although the meaning is quite straightforward, the movement of feminism is often polluted by misconceptions. The word was introduced in the 19th century, by French socialist Charles Fourier, who used the French word féminisme to describe his vision of the emancipation of women. Over time, as women’s …

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Am I a Bad Feminist?

What is Feminism? 7  Things Feminists Should Not Be Guilty About Overview: Feminism is not a set category with a checklist to tick off to determine whether one is a good or a bad feminist. Being vulnerable is not a question of one’s feminism. Letting men pick up loads does not mean women are weak. Femininity and feminism are not antonyms. Having Religious Faith and Celebrating Culture is not against the ideals of feminism. Feminism is about respecting the choices …

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Putting the ‘Me’ and Social Media: A Lesbian Creator’s Experience – Prarthana

My Journey With Social Media My Inspirations and Passions Overcoming Barriers Advice to Youth Prarthana shares her story of accepting herself and spreading the love of inclusion through social media with Girl Power Talk. Could You Share a Little About Yourself, Your Passions, and Your Advocacies With Us? I’m Prarthana. I share my experiences as an Indian lesbian on internet platforms and social media. I make videos, write stuff down, and crack a lot of jokes about everything that feels …

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